29 September 2018


By Andy Weddington
Saturday, 29 September 2018

Silence is a source of great strength. Lao Tzu

Today is follow on to yesterday morning's commentary: https://acoloneloftruth.blogspot.com/2018/09/the-gang-rape-and-attempted-murder-of.html

On Monday, 30 July 2018 Senator Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) and Minority Leader, Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC) received Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's letter, requesting confidentiality, alleging sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh (and a male classmate) while in high school (36 years past). 

More than 50 days passed, that included Judge Brett Kavanaugh's days of testimony before the SJC, before Senator Feinstein shared the letter with committee Chairman, Senator Chuck Grassley (R, IA). 

Is there doubt whatsoever in any reasonable mind why Senator Feinstein withheld Dr. Ford's letter?

Senator Feinstein had duty, that would not compromise confidentiality, to immediately share the letter with Senator Grassley. Duty!

And with that the FBI would have been afforded ample time to quietly investigate (protecting confidentiality) prior to Judge Kavanaugh's initial appearance before the SJC. 

Instead, the letter was deliberately leaked. Chaos. 

Since yesterday's commentary the SJC forwarded Judge Kavanaugh's nomination to the Senate floor for vote. Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, KY) started the process. 

But out of committee the nomination had caveat by Senator Jeff Flake (R, AZ). After pressured by two women who cornered him in an elevator and by committee Democrats, he, a yes vote, asked for another limited FBI investigation about the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. 

Committee Democrats cheered (the unnecessary had their leader been ethical). 

Several (non-committee) Senators, Republican and Democrat, align with Senator Flake. 

Objectively ...

Senator Feinstein cunningly and unethically played Dr. Ford's letter. She knew precisely what she was doing. Her statement of innocence leaking the letter is irrelevant distraction to her despicable performance of sworn duty as a United States Senator. [Were she a member of the military, rank notwithstanding, she'd face General Courts Martial. The spirit of duty surpassing the letter of duty.]  

Senator Flake was bullied. He was bullied by the two women and Democrat "friends" on the SJC. He was bullied because Democrats, like hyenas, zero in on and take down the weak. 

Why did not one Democrat, especially level-headed Senator Amy Klobuchar (D, MN), publicly question Senator Feinstein about withholding Dr. Ford's letter? [Rhetorical] 

Did Senator Flake's Republican committee "brothers" apply equal enlightening "counsel" (as Democrats) prior to committee vote? Did they foot stomp Senator Feinstein's scheme? And the wasted time for investigation?

Considering the FBI's recent history - miserably failing Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity - seriously? Whom implicitly trusts them? So, will President Trump's order of investigation for a week (or less) be met or, more likely, extension requests drag this drama on and on; the objective of Democrats who will not vote for Judge Kavanaugh no matter investigation results?

Where are the (non-committee) Senators (particularly those supporting another week of investigation) publicly confronting Senator Feinstein? 

No Democrat would have FLAKE(D) OUT. Never. Ever. 

Opinion ...

Investigate Senator Feinstein as to every element (e.g., receipt of letter to recommending attorneys) of her involvement with Dr. Ford and dereliction of duty. 

Senator Flake seems short on savvy, a terrible poker player, and moral courage failure; embarrassing self, state, senate, and country. 

Judge Kavanaugh swears innocence. To date multiple investigations, including FBI, affirm. 

I do not fault Judge Kavanaugh for defending himself, sometimes ferociously sometimes testy and snarky, during testimony Thursday. Consider the unproven allegation against him, the duty for which he has been nominated, and that cameras are showing it all to the world. How would you react? [Democrats, of course, cite this as demeanor not suitable for a Supreme Court justice. I argue to the contrary.] 

Mankind has seemingly (supposedly with a week to go) exhausted all measures to find truth. 

Some will never be satisfied. 

Absolute truth knows God; whom Judge Kavanaugh too swore innocence before on Thursday to queries by Senator John N. Kennedy (R, LA). 

One day that will be settled between them - he (Kavanaugh) and He. 

In closing ... 


Dr. Ford is but a meal for the Democrats. They encircle Judge Kavanaugh.   

Not so much in government and those within (a disappointing reality) but ... 

In God We Trust. 

Keep the faith!, Judge Kavanaugh. 


Knightusmc said...

The president needs to order the FBI to concurrently investigate the Chinese spy that Senator Feinstein hired and who worked for 20 years on her staff. What did she know and when did she know it? What did she do after finding out? What was compromised? Pull her clearance.

Tom Hickinbotham said...

Congressional term limits...

Jim said...

We are toast. Freedom doesn't rein anymore. God help us, for we cannot help ourselves. Oh we can, but we are sheep being herded by the dogs (Dems). How disgusting. I concur with the former poster, term limits now could save us, but it "ain't gong to happen. The silent majority remains silent as usual.