17 July 2018


By Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Obedience of the law is demanded; not asked as a favor. Theodore Roosevelt - 26th President of the United States

President Trump spoke openly and civilly and softly yesterday following his lengthy private conversation with Russia's President Putin.

President Trump (America) carries the biggest stick. 

For certain President Theodore Roosevelt, proponent of the foreign policy 'Speak softly and carry a big stick,' would have given our sitting commander-in-chief a "Bully for you, President Trump!"

Russian meddling. Russian smeddling. 


Whatever happened and whatever the threat from our adversary, competitor, enemy (call them what you will), such pales in comparison to our DOJ (et al.) engaging in operations (scope still not known) to undermine a candidate for President and then carry on (with concocted subterfuge) to remove that duly elected President from office.

The investigation that must be conducted: Determine if said DOJ operations were directed by the then sitting President and coordinated by his staff and his favored candidate for President and that candidate's campaign.

It sure smells like it. And is a more believable scenario than the Russian collusion nonsense being paraded by the anti-Trump crowd. 

Let's not forget President Obama attempted to be sneaky "working with" the Russians before the 2012 election but was caught on a hot mic telling a Russian diplomat he'd have more flexibility after the election; message to be passed to President Putin.

So, as to trustworthiness ...

Barack Obama was (is) not trustworthy.

Hillary Clinton was (is) not trustworthy. 

Our DOJ has been revealed as not trustworthy (corrupt leadership is a corrupt agency).

Media is not trustworthy.

And President Trump is our citizen behind unmasking all that deceit; a dire threat to our Constitutional Republic.

An objective, logically thinking person concludes just maybe President Trump merits patience. 

He leads. 

In time, trust will either be or not. 

Second to President Roosevelt, "Bully for you, President Trump!" 

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Unknown said...

So the Russians hacked the DNC server. So what. Good on them. The DNC should have had better protection for their server(s). Hackers "hack" every day. Businesses, governments, militaries and more. I don't like that they did so either but who is to blame? Who is responsible for protecting property? If you have your car stolen because you didn't lock your door is it the criminals fault it was stolen? There are over 10,000 attempts to breach the Pentagon's server(s) every day. We mostly know where they come from and sometimes not.