14 June 2018


By Andy Weddington
Thursday, 14 June 2018

For they conquer who believe they can. John Dryden

26 x 30 in.
oil on canvas

Flag Day.

United States Army's 243rd Birthday.

President Donald John Trump's 72nd Birthday.

Those who snickered, mocked, laughed, attacked, and declared Donald Trump would never, ever, be President of the United States were wrong.

Candidate Trump summarily dismantled all GOP challengers.

Candidate Trump crushed his Democrat opponent (and government rigging the election).

The people not fools.  

Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States.

The snickering, mocking, laughing, attacking, and nay saying continues.  

Hating (fueled by envy - penis, if citing Freud), too. 

Meanwhile ...

President Trump is summarily dismantling a national and world mega-mess; inherited by predecessors (note plural).  

President Trump is, in the face of resistance, crushing all that in his way.

It's business. Our business. And he's doing his job - the job he campaigned on and promised to do.  

Is President Trump perfect?


Summit up?

The man now President - conquerer of the unconquerable - has, for service to country, earned respect and trust and confidence. 

And good Birthday Wishes! One of which must be patience - to wait and see what unfolds from things a leader sees all others do not. 

President Trump believes he can. 

Me too (no hashtag). 

He's blowing out candles. 

Piece of cake! 

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