20 June 2018


By Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. J. Edgar Hoover

Today's commentary, for scope and complexity, could be mind-numbingly long. 

It's not going to be. Simple being best, it will be akin to an Executive Summary - for the President. 

If not up on current events, educate yourself. This is gravely serious.  

Well, you really have to hand it to the FBI.


To comply with mandated government effectiveness and efficiency standards, they flipped their business model and practices upside down.

That is, what was once the world's premier crime-fighting outfit now fills out the Ten Most Wanted program from within. 

That's right. The FBI grooms its master criminals.  

J. Edgar Hoover could not have imagined it. 

And there's not a fiction writer, dead or alive though wanted by drooling publishing houses, who could have masterminded such crime drama.

Watching the Department of Justice (though it should not be so called) Inspector General (IG) Horowitz and FBI Director Wray (not yet on the Ten Most Wanted list but his successor Comey is) testify before Congress about the recently published 500+ pages IG Report has been theater at its best.

During Senate testimony Monday Mr. Horowitz said he could not think of anything worse than a senior FBI official attempting to influence a Presidential election.

Well, Mr. Horowitz, I can. 

How about a President and/or that President's favored candidate to be President directing such influence. 

Because that's precisely what it looks like. Though no one is saying it. 

If only we had a law enforcement outfit with the ability and more so integrity to find and publish the incriminating facts (the FBI Director would be bumped to at least number 3 on the Ten Most Wanted list). 

That logical stream of thought highly probable, considering what even the average American now knows about Hillary Clinton's crimes and the DOJ/FBI cover-up.

And, too, by the way, who had ghost email addresses, phone numbers, and private servers and so on and so on. 

Oh yes, the Attorneys General? Holder and Lynch - who know something about matters - the front line block and tackle middlemen between the FBI and White House. Number 2 position. 

After watching Mr. Horowitz for two days - his body language, answers content, and tone differed markedly before Republican and Democrat questioners. From observation and considering his wishy-washy investigative conclusions, he too is suspect.

And other rogue FBI agents have been fingered but not yet publicly identified.  

Yesterday evening I asked a couple of lawyer friends about intent, the spirit of law. Surely the majority of reasonable people can agree on intent and spirit. For it seems (to me) such is parallel to convicting murderers with circumstantial evidence in lieu of a corpse. So why is the spirit not prosecuted? 

In separate replies (they do not know one another), in short - politics; there's not enough prisons. 

The hearings? 

Disappointing but not surprising - Senate and House statements and questioning straight down party lines. 


Hypothesizing ...

Does evidence exist to prove a sitting President was, ultimately, pulling the strings on the FBI's illicit operations to favor one candidate for President and destroy that candidate's opponent (and later President)?


Has it been discovered?


Will the American people ever see it?

And what about circumstantial evidence? Intent and spirit of law?

Can our citizenry (blindly) trust today's Department of Justice (FBI therein)? 

Why should they (and that's not a question).

Things are out of order, for lawlessness. 

Now to face the realization of the evil we're amidst.

Consider the opening perspective of J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI's first Director, and ask, "What to do when our nation's Ten Most Wanted list is filled by elected and appointed public servants with most being top FBI agents?" 

As called for in recent previous commentary ...

Mister President, thank God for you, Sir - disband the DOJ.

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