07 May 2018


By Andy Weddington
Monday, 07 May 2018

Bacon's not the only thing that's cured by hanging from a string. Hugh Kingsmill

Life has been too busy to keep up with news much less sit and write commentary.

However, noted in current events is the ongoing matter of border protection (resistance to building the wall) and the rushing effort - no longer focused on Russian collusion rather risqué copulation and payment therefore - to destroy President Trump.

The absurdity of it all comical. 

And so followed thinking in kind ...

America has national symbols, flags, mottos, holidays, etc., and that is a good thing for our identity; national and international. 

But during cursory research last week I was not able to confirm that we, the United States of America, have a national sound (anthem excluded), aroma, nor taste. 

We need all three!

What better to satisfy those deficiencies than the sizzle, aroma, and taste of bacon?

And over this morning's coffee struck the idea of erecting misters around our border, a wall capability, to deter trespassers and invaders. 

Why not? 

It would solve many a current problem. Prevent, too.

As to allegations of President Trump being involved with a sizzling porn star?

She smells the aroma. Of bringing home the bacon. Though afire with many, her focus on one mister. 

Some think him a turkey. Their cure to hang - not from string but by rope. 

Though the majority care not. It's his iron skill(it) that matters. 

Saturday afternoon we had lunch with friends at a local popular burger joint called Stella's. Get in line! 

Famous for their burgers, I noted several other menu options including a bacon, lettuce, tomato - BLT - sandwich traditionally dressed with mayonnaise. 

On the Sides section of the menu was 25 cents for peanut butter. 

Which called to mind a memory and habit I shared with our friends - "Sometime I suggest you make a BLT but substitute peanut butter for the mayo. The incredible combination of peanut butter and bacon is not to be believed. You'll not go back to mayo."

Attesting to a love of peanut butter and bacon, they promised to try it. Maybe you will too.

I had the grilled fryer (chicken) sandwich with waffle cut sweet potato fries. 

A burger or BLT another day. 

In closing ...

Now that it's not unprecedented and proven effective, to remedy President Trump's nagging (personal behavior) allegations perhaps his lawyers will consider hammers and BleachBit (or something metaphorically akin).   


Unknown said...

The only bacon I care about at the moment is Hillary's. I hope it fries! And to a crisp.

Jim said...

Great one Robert. Me too, but I'd have add Comey as well, as in done of course.