19 March 2018


By Andy Weddington
Monday, 19 March 2018

If you're offended, it's your problem. Salman Rushdie

Secretary (Interior) Ryan Zinke last week replied to a congresswoman's question and opened with, "Oh, konnichiwa." 

She, Colleen Hanabusa (D, HI), is an American who happens to be Japanese.

He said "good morning!" 

She corrected (snarky her deduced tone) with it's "ohayo gozaimasu." 

Then the (politics) "fight" started.

Congresswoman Judy Chu (D, CA), an American who happens to be Chinese, said Secretary Zinke's remark was offensive and he should apologize. 

Some other Democrats have echoed that sentiment. 

Yes, Americans, but the Japanese and Chinese allies? Wow! 

Nothing public yet from our resident American, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, MA), who conveniently proclaims Native status. 

Good morning in Cherokee?

Osda sunalei.

Early in our marriage my wife, who lived in Japan for a couple of years, often addressed me in the morning with "ohayo baka" - "Good morning, crazy!"

For truth, I laughed. 

So ...

Next time, Secretary Zinke, with pizzazz seal the deal - greet Mzz Hanabusa with "ohayo baka."

And should opportunity come, endear Mzz Warren with "osda sunalei nudatuna" (one of several possible words for crazy). 


For thin skin (color moot) and being crazy they're always offended about something.

But that's their problem.

Thick skinned Americans have bigger scaly skinned creatures (fish), and corrupt public servants - mostly Democrats, to fry. 



Jim said...

It's amazing just how thin skinned the Dems are; they have to lead very sad lives. They are upset all the time, about everything not liberal, and even some that are liberal. If I weren't such a staunch, flag-waving conservative, I'd almost feel sorry for them - not! Someone should do a study to see what the life expectancy is for the different sides of the aisle since they say happy humans live longer. Poor folks.

Anonymous said...

What you fail to understand in your analysis, frankly speaking, because you have probably never truly lived as a minority is that singling her out, made her different. Making someone different in the eyes of a group whether knowingly or unknowingly seeks to highlight difference and can be viewed as singling a person out for their difference and in this case her race. Pack horses in the wild, or perhaps marines in the field who get separated or singled out from the group when in combat likely get killed. It’s not a pleasant experience when you are part of a group such let’s say being an American, but then to be pointedly singled out because of your ethnic background when really all you want to be known for is being an American......you should learn to think deeper about the issues impacting Americans of all ethnic backgrounds. You clearly don’t deserve a free opinion pass just because you served in the military.

A Colonel of Truth said...

Dear Thin Skin Anonymous Reader,

Consider the more likely scenario that (the worldly Navy SEAL) Secretary Zinke’s greeting was intended to honor and celebrate her Japanese (American) heritage not to be flippant and disparaging. Why is it always the defensive leap to a conclusion of offensive insult? Good grief. To the point of commentary, thicker skin; especially if choosing the sport of politics. And how about first leaping to the conclusion of a positve intent; which is more in line with the Secretary’s public persona. By the way, no matter where falling in a sentence, Marine(s) is always capitalized. To not do so offends Marines; a minority not to be tangled with - history proves.

Tom Hickinbotham said...

Ah, yes, no good deed (or well intended greeting) shall go unpunished or, in this case, crassly politicized. To echo your sentiment, "good grief!!"

Unknown said...

Grandparents born in Ireland. Mother Irish-American. Me, American of Irish descent. Socialize with several couples of Dutch, French, Italian and French-Canadian background. When having a drink together, toasts are always in the language of those present. Shows respect for their heritage and those who have gone before, making this the great country it is. Too bad liberals cannot take anything for what it appears to be, in this case an acknowledgement of an ethnic background whose people have done great things for this country. A way is always found by liberals to find fault, even if manufacturing is necessary.