31 January 2018


By Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Americans are dreamers, too. Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States

Plenty of folks are writing the particulars of President Trump's address last evening so no blow-by-blow commentary from me.

Short and sweet ... 


So Ol Trump Ups (his "America first" game).

Citing accomplishments and confirming direction, he delivered - using the word "I" sparingly and "we" and "us" repeatedly (the word "America" more than 80 times). 


From patriotism (and the expected simplest of respectful gestures thereof before flag and anthem) to defense to immigration to economics to reminder 'In God We Trust' there was plenty for every (objective) citizen to cheer and enemies to fear.


A personal thought throughout ...

We have a strong President who is confident, competent, determined, focused, and driven to action out of love for and for the betterment of country.


Any elected (or appointed) official expected to be in the audience but was not out of contempt is a child. Voters, they are not worthy of the title 'public servant.' Remove them.  

At the end, I was disappointed. 

For after SOTU remarks was perfect opportunity for our President to transition - to read the four-page House Intelligence Committee surveillance memo; still wet, the ink. 

What a closing that would have been.

A dream closing; albeit nightmare for some.  

A(nother) first for (winning) America. 

But, "Bravo!, Mr. President!" 

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Unknown said...

Agree with your assessment. Was impressed with delivery and topics covered. Esp. enjoyed his remarks regarding patriotism.. needed.. hope that the NFL was listening...didn't think this was the platform however for reading "The Memo".. perhaps an address to the American people where he can discuss his intent of keeping his promise of "draining the swamp". While many of stay in touch with such events.. many do not and are completely unaware of the specifics and depth of corruption. All in all .. a great delivery. The guests that were highlighted and introduced were moving. The State of the union is Strong and we have a good man in office. Thank you for your commentary Col.