28 December 2017


By Andy Weddington
Thursday, 28 December 2017

All pictures painted inside in the studio will never be as good as the things done outside. Paul Cezanne

Books on painters are shelved throughout our home.

Most every day a different one absorbs considerable time.

To study the painter's approach - in words and photos.

That it's winter, a favorite black and white photograph of en plein air American painter Willard Metcalf (1858-1925) resonates.

Mr. Metcalf is bundled up.  

Impervious to the cold, he stands before his easel in deep snow.

That is a painter.

That is commitment.

A few photos of the Swede Anders Zorn (1860-1920) in heavy coat come to mind.  

There is no other way to capture (the colors of) truth.

Christmas Eve it was cold - around 0 degrees F. 

More sporting with wind chill.

But that did not deter following Mr. Metcalf's and Mr. Zorn's example.

So it was out into the cold. 

To paint - truth. 

Christmas morning, too.




Too, remembering cold weather training above the Arctic Circle some 35 years ago (that did not include painting). 

Russia the enemy and concern for NATO's northern flank - through Finland and sweeping down from the north into Norway. 

The country barren. Deep snow. Frigid. 

A current events topic haunted. To that in a moment. 

For the cold, the few other people I saw were not afoot.

My wife wandered out to take a few photos for the record. 

The recorded perspective - from the other side of the easel - a much different sense of things.

The pictured isolation and seeming insignificance not felt with brush in hand. 

Importance is relative. 

Techniques to stay warm effective.

So success painting! 

Christmas Eve On the Row
18 x 26 in. oil on canvas

Christmas Morning On the Row
21 x 28 in. oil on canvas

The Russians an enemy still. 

But not on mind. 

ISIS in the news. 

With reports 98% of the territory once held now recaptured thanks to the U. S. 

Painting and thinking.

A thought ...

How is it our last President "fought a war" against ISIS for 8 years yet allowed enemy fighter numbers to grow and territory held expand while our sitting President has essentially decimated them in less than a year?

Same military. 

Rules changed. 

Is there any other logical conclusion than the obvious?

A cold, penetrating investigation in order. 

Clear the air. 

Paint (the colors of) truth.

Last evening on Fox News Channel's Special Report guest panelist Charles Hurt (Opinion writer for The Washington Times) was asked if invited would he attend Prince Harry's wedding. 

Mr. Hurt replied, "No. A Royal wedding, no. There's a reason we overthrew the king." 

Pretty much the same reason the last President's "work" is being decimated and his chosen heir to the throne crushed.

The people decided - it'll be a cold day in hell. 

The day ahead cold. 

Winter en plein air painters know cold feet - for not having "cold feet." 

Mr. Cezanne, too, painted some remarkable winter truths. 

Time again for this man to go back out into the cold.

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Unknown said...

You sir are a 19th century man, trapped in the 21st century. Great piece!