03 October 2017


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 03 October 2017

Having a normal knee would make life a lot easier. Andy Murray

During a press conference yesterday morning a four-star police officer (believe it was the Las Vegas Chief of Police), while talking about the quick response time of first responders, said, "... out the chute ...".

But "chute" sounded as "shoot."

And though surely physiologically exhausted, with barely a hiccup, he rephrased without drawing attention to his word choice.

Despite the horror on his plate, presence of mind.

It was but a moment and I'm glad, at least up to this writing, no one has pettily attacked him for what amounts to not even a slip-of-the-tongue. The decency refreshing. 

One word, under the circumstances, did not sound good. He realized it. He, a pro, fixed it.

Thank God for men like this willing to serve.

Now, about another man willing to serve.

Alexander W. Missildine.

He, too, died Sunday. 

But public mention of his death lost in the saturating coverage of the 59 others murdered in Las Vegas. For them, Missildine died. 

Missildine - Specialist Missildine, that is - was not in Las Vegas. 

He - a 20-years old Texan and soldier in the 710th Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division - was in Ninawa Province, Iraq. He died from injuries sustained when an IED detonated near his convoy.

As did everyday citizens act, sometimes futilely, to save lives in Las Vegas, well know soldiers likewise acted to save their brother. 

Amidst the above, this morning I heard more news of NFL players last night not standing for our Colors and Anthem.

And I read a piece in the Wall Street Journal by Matthew Futterman about an heated NFL teams owners meeting last week addressing the problem. Mr. Futterman, clearly a pro by offering his email address at article's end, received a comment from me.

And that comment (post script) addressed the "must respect" behavior for a country's symbols and that is warranted for those who selflessly serve and sacrifice for country. 

In short order after the shooting came gun control proponents flooding social media.


As to the guns ...

Any weapon, firearm or not, serves, equally, as a tool of offense (assault) and defense (counter-assault). The tool indifferent. But not the operator thereof. Reality is our freedom, sweet as it is, sometimes comes at a bitter price. Ergo, live, fearlessly, every moment. 

As to the defenseless murdered in Vegas and our warrior killed in the line of duty ...

Take a knee, America, to honor.

As to the NFL ...


America does not need you. For disgraceful behavior, Americans knee you - not wanting what you're selling. Fact is the longer one goes without that but wanted, not needed, the more pangs of want subside. So, it's not improbable, time will transition the knee of disrespect to that of beggar - fans, please, come back. Brace yourself, for a wait that may be a long while. 

Visually, kneeling is kneeling but is not. 

Just as audibly, "chute" is "shoot" but is not. 

So ...

God cradle the souls of the 60. And all who sacrifice for this land of the free.

To Thee, normal is a knee. Too, to shoot. 

To end ...

With shooter, 61, on Sunday. 

Perhaps more (previous Sunday and evening bedside) knee time would have prevented 59 + 1 in Vegas. 

We'll never know. 

Post Script

Mr. Futterman,

Read your article about the owners meeting.

To be clear, as you certainly know, the matter is not about President Trump.

Most assuredly it's about country, countrymen warriors, etc. and respect thereof - respect for our symbols, that, ironically, afford the right to be disrespectful. But where is the (players/coaches/owners) logic in being disrespectful before that which duly safeguards such behavior? It is moronic headwork and the actions of idiots. To the contrary, knee-takers; fist-raisers; sitters; squatters; et al., ought to be customarily respectful, too, honoring their impartial, however imperfect, Colors. Otherwise, they spit upon themselves.

Regardless, any "collegial" debate is moot.

The bottom line: The NFL, to survive, needs the citizenry, the fans. The citizenry does not need the NFL. And a significant cohort of the citizenry, fans (including me), today say they don't want the NFL. Guess who is in control? Not the players. Not the coaches. Not the owners.

Capitalism - power of the purse - is wonderful. And why I defended same.

Boycott the NFL? Not me. Terminated the League long ago.

Such as things are, recommend an agenda item for the next owners meeting - draft a League obituary.

A. F. Weddington
Colonel, U. S. Marine (Ret)


Tom H. said...

Now into my 2nd year of neither watching nor paying for anything NFL (thanks to Kapernick), I am also swearing off its supporters, most notably Anheuser-Busch. A-B may not need me - I don't drink that much of their beer to begin with - and I certainly don't need them. So, as long as they choose to support the NFL's misguided/reprehensible stance on the Flag and National Anthem, it will be minus my financial contribution.
For those who may wish to convey their sentiments to A-B, call (800) 342-5283. They want to know how you feel about NFL players kneeling during the anthem and if they should continue supporting the NFL through advertisement dollars. Let them know what you think. It's an automated system and asks if are calling about the NFL. Press 1 and then leave your message.

Mary Ann Weddington said...

As for me, I will stay with Ginger Ale! Suits me perfectly!

usmc1951@aol.com said...