25 September 2017


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 25 September 2017

Death by starvation is slow. Mary Hunter Austin

The question any more is, "Does the American citizenry have the moral conscience to do the right thing?"

Tending to this NFL (that's polluting down to youth leagues) knee-taking foolishness is simple.

What does everyone have in common?

The need to eat. 

To change heart, starve the stomach.

Fans - do the right thing, in counter peaceful protest, for America ...

1. Quit attending games;

2. Quit watching televised games;

3. Quit buying paraphernalia;

4. Quit buying sponsor goods and services.

Starve the stomachs.

Hearts obediently follow. 

It's simple leverage - to shape (desired respectful) behavior.

Owners, coaches, players, sponsors, supporters, et al. - none exempt.

Otherwise, it's a slow death. 

But ...


Must support and cheer for a team?

Buy team paraphernalia?

Then ...

Adopt a military unit.

There are thousands to choose from: Surface; sub-surface; space; aviation combat; ground combat; combat support; etc. Pick one.  

Their uniforms and logos and platforms and equipment a lot cooler. 

And as they mostly play away games, your team will be especially appreciative of your support - wearing their logo and waving our colors.

Now if our Department of Defense will completely rethink marketing and sales - targeting everyone not just potential recruits. 

Following, in short order, the NFL (and other "professional" sports) will be history - death by suicide. Starvation. [To the athletes not participating in the foolishness, sorry but the old adage a team is as strong as its weakest link germane.]

Is this a great country or what?!

Stay hungry. 

And free. 

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