07 July 2017


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 07 July 2017

I remember my rookie hazing. It wasn't fun. Gio Gonzalez

It's the roughest game in town. 

Truth and fact is it's the roughest game on the planet. 

And though one of the oldest games in the history of man it's not an Olympic event.

To call it professional is a stretch. 

Has there ever been Rookie of the Year recognition awarded?

Don't think so.  

But it's time. 

It's the sport that touts morals, principles, ethics, civility and even has codified rules, of sort, yet players and fans pay them but token, if that, attention.

Some downright snub and mock them. More today than ever. 


Now that's funny!

The (playing) field is undefined. 

Fouls can be bloody. Deadly even.

The weak?


The strong?

Ever under attack.

The strongest?

Ever under attack from every direction. But they fight back. 

The fittest endure. 

For a couple of years one particular player aiming to play showed promise. 

Now not only in the game but at the top six months that player merits not just nomination for but award of Rookie of the Year.

There's no competition. None. 

What makes this rookie especially deserving, extraordinary even, is never having before played the game. 

And though there have been and likely will be (before the year is up) rookie mistakes, performance surpasses that of all others. 

The game?


Rookie of the Year?

That patriotic, heart of a lion, go his way or get run over, defiant, fighting (Twitter) tweeter President Donald J. Trump. 

The rookie hazing of our President, from every direction, merciless. 

No matter. 

What a rookie season, home and abroad, he's having.

It's rather fun to watch. Sporting even. 


Forty-five in bronze. 

And so, not silver but tin to first place losers (not worth the time nor effort to haze though fun to laugh at).

Long remember this great player and historic season America will - one for the books (history, record, and scrap); no doubt. 

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