18 July 2017


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Last week the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang, 'Happy Birthday.' Steven Wright

Today is my father-in-law's, Big Bob, birthday - 90th! 

Sadly, he's not been around the last 16 years to celebrate. 

But tonight, during dinner, we honor and toast the old World War II Tin Can Sailor. It's a family tradition.

Big Bob was a no-nonsense, straight talking gent and just a teeny bit on the sarcastic side. For that and some of his other admirable traits, sensible conservative views, and achievements (mayor of his small northwest New Jersey town), we got along famously.

He raised three children. Two became Sailors. One retired a chief. The other, a star, I married. 

So today, honoring Big Bob and resident Sailor, a few short comments.

Military ...

Last week in a horrible catastrophic aircraft accident America lost big time. 

Sixteen exceptional, highly trained and skilled young men - 15 Marines and a Sailor (a corpsman and the only one previously awarded a Purple Heart) - died.


I read and digested the published bio of each man. 

Painful to read. And I imagined the impact of their sudden deaths on family and friends. Having the sobering experience of delivering death notification, not so much imagination necessary. The grief just horrible. A few long suppressed memories came to mind.

Not one of the men did I know (most entered service after I retired) but the service story of each familiar. 

If ever such men (and women) stop voluntarily stepping forward, America is done for. 

In contrast to these deaths is simultaneous coverage of the clueless violently protesting our government and fairly elected President.

What's missing?

A common experience - of personal sacrifice, shared hardship, necessary teamwork, and noteworthy accomplishment serving the greater good - that binds our citizenry. Pretty simple formula. And we need a mega dose.

Moving on.

Morale ...

Out and about our community I've noticed, generally speaking, happier, more optimistic people. 

Some of them, strangers, I've engaged in casual conversation. 

Inevitably, what's mentioned?

President Trump. 

And a common comment is how refreshing we have a President who is putting America first. Strong support for our President despite what's coming across the airways in talking head blather and dopey polls of skewed samples. 



Variant of the acronym (BOHICA) picked up decades ago when first commissioned. 

After digesting all the nonsense about repeal and replace of ObamaCare, I've concluded it's not going to happen. Ever.


Pull the money strings. Promises succumb to payoffs. And it matters not the flavor of the elected. They're all the same. 

Simple as that. 

Thus, BOBHICA ...

Bend Over, Baby, Here It Comes Again

Have a great week! 

Happy Birthday, Big Bob - we miss you! Tonight we wine, dine, burn a candle, and will stand around and sing, Happy Birthday, too. It's the (W)right thing to do.  

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