25 June 2017


Andy Weddington
Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Declaration is a magnificent document. Paul Gillmor

Though not good much less great for America, it is rather satisfying to witness President Trump grate his haters. 

That there's nothing to substantiate his, nor anyone associated with his campaign/administration, collusion with Russia (to sway the election) grates his enemies - political, media, business - all the more. 

Basically, the mindless are losing their minds. 

Thinking about President Trump and his focus on and energy put into Making America Great Again, and the stupid Russia charges, these past days brought to mind Peter the Great.

Peter the Great - ruled the Tsardom of Russia. 

What a nice ring to that moniker. 

It sounds powerful.  

President Trump, though the most powerful leader on our planet, needs some such title.

And the more outrageous, to further grate the great haters, the better.

'The Donald,' though suitable for his pre-political life, is not enough.

And 'Donald the Great,' though appropriate as a "take that" to those making the loony Russian collusion charges, falls short.

Donald the Great - The Grate? 

Clever but.

How about ...

Trump the Magnificent! - leader of the Stardom of America (and free world).

That should do it. 

How great!

And grate! 

And maybe even terrible, too. 

Righto, Mr. Gillmor. How magnificent indeed our Declaration - the document permitting great, and grate, and more. 

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