31 May 2017


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The entertainment is in the presentation. John McTiernan

Attractive is not a word to describe Kathy Griffin. 

She's not. 

Nor is her comedy.

Yesterday I saw, more times than I care to recall, a disturbing photograph of her, with a glum stone-face, holding a bloody "beheaded" mask of President Trump. 

It was too real looking to be considered caricature. 

Not attractive. 

Not funny. 

What was her (comedic) message?

Was she conveying intent if opportunity?

Was she encouraging others to carry out that horrific act?

I do not know.

What I do know is Kathy Griffin is not an entertainer. 

Her presentation stinks. 

Kathy Griffin, if she ever had it, has lost it. 

She needs help. 

For starters, she needs to take copious notes from a couple of winners (I happened to see on America's Got Talent last evening).

She needs to take notes, ironically, from The Singing Trump - a comic impersonator of our President. 

The guy resembled, somewhat, President Trump. 

His mannerisms and speaking cadence good enough. 

He respectfully aped. And was bad enough to be funny. Hilarious. In command of the stage, he entertained! 

She needs to take notes from a little girl ventriloquist named Darci Farmer and her caricature singing rabbit Petunia. 

Miss Farmer, a pretty little girl, smiled and giggled and charmed the judges and audience before the first note of music. 

In command of the stage, she entertained! Spectacularly! And was rewarded with a gold button (straight to live shows).

These two - for their appeal, creativity, and entertainment - I will remember for some time. 

There was not an iota of humor nor any entertainment value in Kathy Griffin's sick stunt - which aped the brutality of our enemy(s). 

That conclusion she apparently got from an outraged public - and quickly she recorded a feeble apology. 

Apology asmology. Too late. 

Her character and colors and needs known. 

I hope the Feds, not entertained by her presentation, have paid her a professional but not so friendly visit. 


Anonymous said...

Many entertainers consider themselves as such when they actually have NO talent! Perhaps Some other type of employment would be more suitable!☝️

Jijm Bathurst said...

Yes, they should seek other employment, in fact, I know just the job for them. Targets.