19 December 2016


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 19 December 2016

A 'scream' is always just that - a noise and not music. Carl Jung

Well, today's the day the Electoral College officially delivers the prize to President-elect Trump. What a gift! 

The Clinton cacophony still pollutes the airways - tiresome but oddly entertaining. No silent nights, nor days, yet. 

She and hers have blared (Trump-eted) every conceivable, and then some, excuse - placing blame on all but the people and things at fault - as to why she lost. 

The only truth - she was a sorry candidate with not a chance in hell of winning against anyone - conveniently overlooked. 

Over morning coffee, analogy from Parris Island and recruit training days came to mind.

Picture a recruit, every recruit, in the first days of training.

By design, recruits do little correctly (even if correctly). 

Drill Instructors miss little, if anything. 

Correcting recruits is continuous. 

Perfection demanded. 

And that's never, in reality, achieved.

Some recruits are more fouled up than others (like Hillary Clinton being more fouled up than other presidential candidates). 

Said recruits tend to draw the DI's focus of effort.

DI to recruit: "Recruit, What. Is. Your. Problem?"

A question, to be answered, right?


Recruit to DI: "Dr ..."

DI to recruit: "Shut up! Square yourself away. No one wants to hear it." (Or something like that.)

Then the loving DI, who screams not but makes music, turns attention to the next fouled up recruit.

And such, as simple as simple can be, goes for the Clinton cacophony - the screamers; the barking dogs; the whiners ...

"Shut up! Square yourselves away. No one wants to hear it."

Thirty-one and a wake-up. 

But today - what a way to begin Christmas week - Santa delivers to Mr. Trump. And America. 

Soon a parade! 

As I close to music - Sounds of the Season - in the background ...

Merry Christmas! 


Tom Hickinbotham said...

Since it is now "OK" to say it, "Merry Christmas" to you and Linnea!!

Jijm Bathurst said...

You brought several smiles to my face on this one Andy, one in particular. My DI mentor during my second platoon as a JDI was a legend among DI's, at least in my eyes, and still is today was SSgt J.D. Dunn, an E-5 SSgt at that and second tour on the drill field. He said the saying: "Practice Makes Perfect" was a myth propagated by folks who do not know or understand perfection. He said; "Remember Cpl Bathurst Practice Makes Permanent, so it damn well had better be practiced perfectly each and every time, and that is your job." Thus your comment, "Correcting recruits is continuous." Yes, it is great to be able to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Spring will come soon and again we'll be free to "match the hatch."