02 October 2016


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 02 October 2016

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Jidda Krishnamurti 

"Crooked Hillary" is Mr. Trump's favored pet name for Mrs. Clinton. 

He's back to using it to remind the citizenry she is without character. Not his opinion, it's fact. 

Void character is a sickness and a serious problem for someone aspiring to be president.

But there's something else askew with Mrs. Clinton. 

Well, she's unwell. 

Have you seen the latest footage of her? 

Friday evening and Saturday morning I saw several (different) news clips of Mrs. Clinton back on the campaign trail.

Speaking before crowds, the old girl - one calls "Crooked" and many consider a hag - attempted to suppress a cough that nags. 

In one clip an especially poor masking attempt, as her voice lost strength trying to suppress the cough reflex, to convey emotion complementing her words. It didn't work. Her token head nods and hand to chest, as if heartfelt, no help. 

In another clip a similar moment but she popped in a lozenge of some sort for relief. 

And in one of the clips, while departing the stage and trying to negotiate a set of stairs, she needed assistance to steady herself - just as has been captured numerous times before the first debate and as she appeared (measured steps and unsteady - moving from vehicle to stage) the night of the debate.

Circulating social media and in the news, there's a photo of Mrs. Clinton's back taken the night of the debate. Under her jacket there's something (a small rectangular box shape) anchored at her waistline with a line running up the length of her back. As yet, nothing confirmed other than it was something.

She was not supposed to have auditory support.

Was it a medical device - delivering an injection or stimulation?

Considering some giddy expressions and strange motor movements during the evening, why not some wild speculation? 

After all, we're only talking about fitness - mental agility and stamina - to be president. 

I am not a doctor but sometimes play one diagnosing personal ailments and penning commentary. 

Allergies do not explain nagging cough; odd facial expressions and peculiar motor movements; measured, unsteady gait (caught on video numerous times requiring hands on assistance to steady and help along); "dehydration"; pneumonia; losing consciousness; etc.

From all the footage of Mrs. Clinton, any rational person concludes ...

Something's askew with Crooked Hillary.

Reverend Billy Graham, a man of character and of God and a straight shooter, said, "When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost." 

Mrs. Clinton has (ill-gained) wealth. The DOJ, FBI, and IRS do not care.

Mrs. Clinton is losing her health. Does Obamacare?

Mrs. Clinton lost, long ago, character. Her like faithful do not care.

In little more than a month, we'll learn just how profoundly sick our society. 

Is all lost? Or not? 

Stay healthy, my friends of character: Care. Vote.

Post Script

Last evening our party of nine - five men, four women, and ages late 50s to 80 - dined at a remote popular restaurant (in a typically blue state). Only two I know. Four I've met once before. And one couple new. The election came up only briefly. All the men are voting for Mr. Trump. The four women were more outspoken than the men - they despise Mrs. Clinton. They believe she's crooked. They are voting for Mr. Trump. 

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