03 October 2016


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 03 October 2016

It's hard not to be in favor of taking down monsters. Michael Ledeen

Early this morning, meandering east to west in northern New Jersey, we drove through a number of small townships. 

Johnsonburg - population 101 - stuck out.

Hope - population little more than 1,900 - did, too.

Both communities quaint and rich with history - to the roots of America; when America was but beginning her climb to greatness. 

Old stone houses; still active farms; pumpkin patches; fields of dead corn stalks; and church graveyards straddle the winding two-lane roadway. A ghostly damp fog softened the scape. If not for asphalt, it could have been 263 years ago.

American flags, lots of them - decorating front porches and businesses - a clear sign of patriotism

TRUMP - Make America Great Again - signs prevalent.

Only one small Clinton sign crossing the state. 

These people have their heads on straight, occurred the thought. 

Rather simple this election, on many fronts.

One for example ...

One candidate, Mr. Trump, has said some not nice things about women. 

Media has trumped up those words, as if a crime, to paint him a monster.

His wife is not a monster.  

The other candidate, Mrs. Clinton, has not only said some not nice things about women but attacked with intent of destroying them; those women being her husband's victims of assault and rape.

Her husband meets the definition of monster.  

In short, a certified monster (and impeached president) safeguarded by a monster (and FBI certified criminal).

In 1753 Johnsonburg was known as "Log Gaol" - for the log jail built; to protect the citizenry from criminals and monsters. 

Before the jail stood but a post office and tavern - at the intersection of east/west and north/south mail routes. 

Is there a more logical complement of establishments?

The tavern, according to town history, was an important meeting place, and the site of caucuses and elections.

That original tavern (and post office) may still stand. Regrettably, no time this morning to sightsee and verify. 

But today there is certainly a post office and at least one important watering hole in Johnsonburg - that serves as the all-important meeting place, and site for caucuses and elections. 

Contemplating morning sights - historic markers to flags to TRUMP signs to a general feel of the place - there's little doubt (to me) a majority of the residents (of Johnsonburg and Hope) favor taking down monsters. 

And everyone knows monsters, and criminals, belong in prison. 

A log jail will do just fine. 

Not monsters to our White House.

Now time for dinner. And to visit a tavern. Cheers!   


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