06 October 2016


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 06 October 2016

Evil hiding among us is an ancient theme. John Carpenter

Hillary hit her head. Glasses required to help her see straight (as if that was ever possible).  

She has coughing spells. 

She has required hands-on assistance walking, negotiating stairs, and getting in and out of vehicles. Her gait does not look normal. 

She has passed out.

She has had more coughing spells.

She has exhibited odd motor movements, head-bobbing, and peculiar eye movements. 

She was recently diagnosed with pneumonia. 

She has coughed more. 

Folks paying attention are questioning her health.

Well, no kidding. 

Physicians, based on observations, are speculating with Parkinson's Disease mentioned often. Some suggest otherwise and serious. 

For the first debate she was off the campaign trail for a week under the guise of prep.

Was she hiding?  

The night of that debate, moving from vehicle to stage, her walk did not look steady. 

This week past she's again off the campaign trail. Her camp says she's hunkered down at home prepping for Sunday's town hall forum debate. 

Is that a credible explanation?

Is she hiding? 

Most media is not questioning that prepping alibi they're applauding it. Nor are they talking about her seeming deteriorating health. Though truth their duty, top cover they wrongly sound. 

Mr. Trump, who seems to be everywhere at all times day and night on the campaign trail, charges Mrs. Clinton does not have the stamina to be president. 

With Mrs. Clinton not making campaign appearances for a week at a time, twice now, leading up to a debate in what polls reflect as a tight race, Mr. Trump's conclusion is sensible.

Think about it? 

How much debate prep does a career politician, who has run for president before, need?

Not only is Mrs. Clinton morally and psychologically (and criminally) unfit to be president, she is, too, by all appearances and logical conclusions, medically not qualified to be president. 

Mrs. Clinton may be hunkered down but it's not for the sole purpose of debate prep. 

Mrs. Clinton does not want to be caught in public coughing; head-bobbing; stumbling; falling; losing consciousness; nor requiring any sort of hands-on assistance. 

Her camp's cover story, worse than a tabloid header, just does not pass the sniff test.

Who cares what Mrs. Clinton's and Mr. Trump's respective physicians say. 

The public, and media, should demand both candidates prove, by means of neutral medical professionals, their health, fitness, and stamina to perform the rigorous duties of president. 

For starters, before Sunday's debate, submit to monitored urinalysis. Followed by a complete physical.

Let's get to the bottom of what may be masking Mrs. Clinton's ailments, and the wild accusations of drug use behind Mr. Trump's amplified sniffing during the first debate.   

After all, since urinalysis testing and a physical is necessary to enter the military, and for military personnel, rank notwithstanding, throughout time in uniform, it's only proper a prospective commander-in-chief pass, too.

Name calling? Who cares!

Mudslinging? Who cares!

Tax returns? Who cares! 

What's Mrs. Clinton doing?

She's hiding.

No doubt about it.  

Mr. Trump, how about a Tweet?!

Let's get the truth (if that's even possible anymore).        

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