03 September 2016


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 03 September 2016

Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes! Leonardo da Vinci

Yesterday, the Friday before one of the biggest long holiday weekends in America, the Federal Bureau of Corruption (formerly Investigation) dumped the documents, heavily redacted, of their Hillary Clinton unsworn interview.

Business as usual in cheatin' town. 

I've not read but listened to sundry analysts dissect content and frame in context to the big picture.

Of note is more than three dozen times Mrs. Clinton responded ...

"I can't recall..." or "I can't remember..." or "I don't remember...". 

One analyst did the math relative to interview length and one of those replies came every three minutes.

Her Lyin' I'$.

Contrary to Mrs. Clinton's first claim, a lyin' I, of a single device to make things easier, and the FBC's investigative report of multiple devices, it turns out she used more than a dozen devices. And they're unaccounted for - except for some supposedly destroyed by hammer.

Her Lyin' I'$ of never receiving nor transmitting classified material not only false but on all the devices. And that included compromise of SAP (Special Access Program) - as sensitive as material can get about means, methods, and operators. 

Her Lyin' I'$ before us and Congress; destruction of public records; witnesses pleading the 5th; State Department calendars and Clinton Foundation records more than suggesting payments for access to Mrs. Clinton while Secretary of State; etc., amass in an unprecedented case of (global) public corruption.

It's high stakes.  

The highest!

Where are most media? 

Playing patty cake and hawking cupcakes.

Her Lyin' I'$, Mrs. Clinton still can't set aside nor hide.

Though on the other side of cheatin' town a boy's patiently awaiting, and so carefully falsifying and insulating.

How infuriating - for under our majestic bald eagle and fair blindfolded legal a double standard there's not. 

Don't be ignorant, O! Wretched mortals.

Don't be misled!

Soon - one of these days, one these nights - cast scornful, intolerant eyes upon Her Lyin' I'$ - and devious ally, too. 

Post Script

O! Hooray folks, for the Eagles double standard. 

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