30 August 2016


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship. Oscar Wilde

A couple days ago came more less-than-wholesome news about el Creepo Anthony Weiner. He the shamed politician, who hid behind the alias Carlos Danger, I wrote about a few years ago when he first exposed and was in turn exposed for risqué behavior on Twitter. 

He's at it again! Wilder. 

But this time the stakes more serious - for whom his wife; Huma Abedin and her closeness to Hillary Clinton. 

It's now public knowledge Hillary Clinton compromised national security by (two-way) trafficking classified material on email through her non-secure private server. To what extent the compromise is still unknown. But it's bad. Logically, assume worse. 

And it's known Huma Abedin was party to - and surely not cleared for access to some, if not all, of the top-level classified material. Pillow talk with her husband a certainty. 

Whatever imaginable, rest assured it's worse. 

Yesterday came news of Gene Wilder's death. And with that a vision not of Willy Wonka nor The Waco Kid but of a young, stunning, and seductive - Kelly Le Brock - 'The Woman in Red.' 

In short, married Teddy Pierce (Wilder) obsessively chased (also married) Charlotte (Le Brock). In my opinion, Gene Wilder at his comedic best. 

Sad news. But a light-hearted moment - a fond memory - of first seeing that film 32 years ago.

A thought ...

Would Teddy have been as reckless on Twitter? 


Back to Weiner.

He is sick. 

Let's not underestimate him as an in-play variable deciding our next president. 

Maybe Wilde was onto something.

Germane, that penned three years ago...

by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 31 July 2013

"We're trying to get to the bottom of where the picture came from, and we're trying to get to the bottom of what it's of and who it's of." 

Credit for the opening statement goes to Anthony 'Carlos Danger' Weiner. 

Though asked, some pleading, numerous times the past couple of weeks to comment about New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, I have resisted. There are more important matters of National concern to address and discuss - none related to Hebrews nor Ball Parks nor Nathans but important nonetheless. 

However, perhaps it's time - to conquer mid-week blues - for a little lighter and shorter fare. I could use the break and suspect so could you. 

So why not witty repartee about Weiner?! 

Yes, why not?

Let's begin...

I do not relish the idea of opining about Weiner. But to ketchup with current events, to cut the mustard - as they say, I shall say a few words.

Polls show some New Yorkers have soured on the Kraut, Weiner. That could be because his creepy oversexed antics continue to get creepier, and headlines have been brutal if not hilarious. 

Some of those headlines:

(Exposure is root of the problem.)

(That can happen, especially when the climate, political, too, turns cold.)

(I'm not saying anything.)

(Sometimes there's no choice.)

(All due to self-inflicted wounds.)

(The public - at-large and the long line of them, most anyway, are not amused.)

(An image no one wants to imagine but it's all over the Internet.)

(I recommend not shaking hands with any of them.)

(That he did - quit the campaign.)

And on the comical headers of tawdry innuendo go. God bless our Constitution - freedom of speech and freedom of the press (however irresponsible).

Anthony Weiner is a creep. 

When first exposed, Weiner, as smug and condescending as Weiner can be, held press conferences with the major news outlets. He assumed he'd make a false statement - deny involvement and suggest hacking - and all, with the abetting friendly press, would suddenly go away. 

He said photographs of him, Weiner, floating about the ether world were not of him nor his equipment. He was emphatic. 

And he said that while sitting face-to-face with Bret Baier of FOX News. Weiner lied! He lied his buns off. 

Then after proof he lied - he confessed, "The picture was of me, and I sent it." 

Anthony Weiner went from creep to self-certified creep. There is no higher form of authentication. 

Humiliated and shamed, he was done as a congressman.

But, Weiner continued Weinering. 

With more risqué texts and photographs - to multiple women not his wife - Weiner, again, exposed himself as the self-certified creep he is. 

"Carlos Danger" he was - international man of mystery encased in juice and wrapped in plastic. 

But to be frank, furter and furter he shrank in the public eye.

It was the death of a seasoned Weiner. Grilled! Charred - burnt to a crisp.

Oh, and Weiner's wife became chili. She wept as if over a cutting board of diced onion. Though with counseling and therapy her simmering attitude eased from three alarm to mild. She swept the tears away. 

She, also of creepy character, decided to stand by her Weiner. And she staked her claim on the tube. Hooray for TV!  

It's all rather creepy.

Creepier still is more than 40% of New York City dwellers polled believe Weiner should stand tall and hang in there.

And that's enough to keep me from visiting New York City - even if there are great hotdogs to be had. Besides, the current mayor levied a restriction on cup size. That, too, problematic. 

"Pull out Weiner!" Make that, "Pull out, Weiner!" Oh, the comma. And let the chips fall where they may. 

In closing, media has played up the Weiner family's close knit ties to the Clintons. But the Clintons, concerned for Hillary's 2016 presidency run, are distancing themselves; superficially, of course. But let there be no mistake, on the outside chance Hillary were to occupy the White House, there would be no Weiner in the Oval Office. I'd bet a box of cheap cigars on it. 

The moral of the story: A Weiner can make for a lot of trouble. 

If you are one tending to give Weiner a hand, glove it. 

It's impossible to make this stuff up. Life is positively more entertaining than fiction. Material abound. Pay attention. Look closely. 

Every day is an amusement ride - roller coaster, tilt-a-whirl, merry-go-round, and yes, a log flume all rolled into one. And then some!


Today's comment is a gift for you, Ken - Happy Birthday! Cheer(s)wine!

Post Script

Sorry, fans of slaw, I could not figure a way to work it in. I thought I had one but pulled it out at the last second. 

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Dennis OBrien said...

..........and then there's yesterday's NY Post front page headline regarding their separation:
" HUMA CUTS OFF WEINER" You can't make this stuff up.