24 August 2016


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 24 August 2016

At first, drinking pickle juice might sound kind of gross. But there are several reasons to consider itHealthline.com 

Monday evening during an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Hillary Clinton opened a jar of pickles.

It was a stunt, surely with already loosened lid, to attest to her health, her fitness for duty.

She and Jimmyboy yukked it up. 

He even confirmed she had a pulse.

However the product selection came about moot. A better choice there couldn't have been.

For Hillary Clinton is in a pickle.

Her lies - they continue to emerge and grow in seriousness.

With the latest discovery of State Department emails (thousands she supposedly turned over from the beginning) and Clinton Foundation records, but an idiot could not figure out she sold out our country. Still she denies, in the face of clear common man's logic.

In essence, the plain pickle principles ...

The Clinton State Department, in partnership with the Clinton Foundation, was a gangster enterprise.

When discovered, Hillary Clinton, and her accomplices, set about destroying the trail. Fortunately, electrons last longer than bread crumbs. 

Hillary Clinton lied.

So have others lied.

I'm not going to recap all else surrounding this nonsense - check the news. It gets worse (e.g., senior aide Huma Abedin at State Department).

In essence, Hillary Clinton has and is flipping off America and taunting, "What are you going to do about it?"

Yeah, America, what are we going to do about it?

Department of Justice?

President of the United States?

Crickets - (radicals - more on that in a moment) - other than both now known abettors. 


Anyone remember taking an oath? 

But come November, no matter what else happens between now and then, the ballot is this simple ...

President of the United States (pick one)

A. FBI investigated and substantiated treasonous liar who sold out America (with truths still emerging)

B. Not A

The vote is that simple. 

In closing, a radio interview from decades ago comes to mind.

Living in North Carolina, it was October and State Fair time at the Raleigh Fair Grounds and the state's Secretary of Agriculture, Jimmy Graham, was being interviewed. The reporter said something like, "Mr. Graham, tell us about North Carolina products." First boastful words out of Mr. Graham's mouth, "We're number one in pickles."

That was true.

But not today.

Today the "Number 1 in Pickles" title belongs to Hillary Clinton and the family shakedown business.

Need something to clear your head and cleanse your system, down to the soul, before Election Day?

Says Healthline.com ...

"Pickle juice has significant amounts of vitamins C and E, two key antioxidants. Antioxidants help shield your body from damaging molecules called free radicals. Everyone gets exposed to free radicals, so having plenty of antioxidants in your diet is a good idea." 

Now, a bigger radical (and criminal) than Hillary Clinton does not come to mind; though she surely is not free (check out the Clinton Foundation donors who enjoyed an audience with the radical Mrs. Clinton). 

The fact of the matter is Hillary Clinton has proven, clearly, she is not in politics for any other reason than personal gain and to promote the family syndicate. Public service? Never crossed her mind.

Do we really want Mrs. Clinton to be the ultimate example of the 'Peter Principle' and our White House to become the world's largest pickle operation? 

Health - physical and mental - tip: Swap out the Kool-Aid for a couple tablespoons of pickle juice daily - an effective defense against free radicals and not-free radicals, too. 

Then let's see where the (pickle) chips fall - this fall.  


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