07 August 2016


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 07 August 2016

A liar is always lavish of oaths. Pierre Corneille

Sunday morning straight talk.

A few days ago, before a friendly crowd of Black and Hispanic "journalists," HRC, perpetuating her damn lies about her private server and email, said something about a short-circuit and that she and Mr. Chris Wallace, during their Fox News Sunday interview last week, were talking past one another. 

Excuse me?! 

Allow me to clear this up - in my usual civil, blunt, pointed and truthful way.

HRC is a damn liar.

The FBI investigated, proved, and certified she is a liar - about every single thing she claims said before the public was truth.

There's a short-circuit alright. She's a hard-wired liar. And terrible at it. And for that defect she is an amoral, unprincipled, unethical, untrustworthy being and criminal who committed treason - not innocently, not mistakenly, but by following a schematic. 

A candidate for our presidency? 


Mr. Wallace and HRC did not talk past one another. Mr. Wallace asked on point questions about the private server, email, and compromise of classified material and HRC lied. And lied. To Mr. Wallace's face and to America's face she spit and lied. 

Last evening, with my wife and a couple of friends, I attended our small town's last of the summer season free public concerts on the town ball field (the biggest patch of grass in town).

Good, clean, wholesome family entertainment. Bring your folding chairs; no alcohol; make your children behave; food and drink vendors; and a couple of uniformed police officers mingled about - no one insulted nor attacked them. In short, the evening a demonstration of Americana - civility. 

Before the band, a Garth Brooks tribute act, took stage a town councilman greeted and welcomed the crowd of thousands and asked we please rise to recite our Pledge of Allegiance. A flag was posted on stage. 

Following the Pledge came roar of patriotic hoots, hollers, and whistles. I heard a "USA" or two. 

Then the band (led by "The Garth Guy"), as good as the original, let it rip - for a couple of hours. 

I watched people. Many were wearing military service shirts and ball caps, and shirts with impressions of flags, and more than one Trump T-shirt was on parade. 

I went to sleep thinking about that concert. 

Mostly I thought about the Pledge and crowd roar of approval.

This morning over coffee I watched a short video comment by Judge Jeanine Pirro (see Post Script) about HRC's lies. 

She addressed the lies, FBI Director James Comey, and the short-circuit claim. 

Then, refusing to accept any nonsense to defuse, I blew a fuse! 

HRC. Three descriptors come to mind: Hussy Rogue Caitiff

There's remedy for all (not just HRC's) this lawlessness. And that remedy's root is found in our Pledge of Allegiance - which is to flag, country, Constitution. 

And, too, there is an oath - to flag, country, Constitution. 

Lest we remember those who voluntarily take that oath work for us. They're failing duty. Period.

When are we, too who have a duty, going to do something about it? 


Post Script

Judge Jeanine Pirro speaks truth: 



Mad Dog said...

Colonel, you certainly were civil when you stated "HRC is a damn liar", but I learned a long time ago, you are always civil. In keeping with the decorum of your blog, I will simply state that I am in total agreement with you. What I really think though is a little more forceful. I am hoping there are untold millions of voters who have never voted, who by some miracle realize the dire straits the country is in and come forward in November and keep this traitor out of our white house.

Semper Fi!

A Colonel of Truth said...

Keep the faith. Pray, anyway.