11 August 2016


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 11 August 2016

"Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder." Kinky Friedman

Urban legend attributes the quote, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy," to Benjamin Franklin. 

Though there's no record of the distinguished Mr. Franklin so opining, the thought makes for colorful storytelling. 

No matter what Mr. Franklin said or did not say he, a Founding Father, surely cannot be too pleased with the state of America. It was he who when asked,  "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?," replied without hesitation, "A republic, if you can keep it." 

These days, that wise thought seems not only prophetic but in doubt. 

I wonder if, after completing their important work, the Founders went out for a beer and placed bets on how long before America self-destructed? 


I suspect Mr. Franklin, like me, could only tolerate so much of this election nonsense before reaching for a bottle. 

From what I've read about the Renaissance man he enjoyed a taste or two (perhaps a bottle of beer) on occasion - undoubtedly for peace of mind and medicinal purposes, too. 

How unfortunate we cannot hear his thoughts, sober or not, on current events - namely insights on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

After a few days of keeping up with the candidates, I find it's time to turn to the bottle.

Sometimes one bottle. Rarely two. Never three. 

And that is not always to first drink but to paint; to escape and think - for peace of mind and medicinal purposes.

I paint portraits of beer bottles. 

'Blue Moon with Cap'
14 x 11 in.

'Kalik - Beer of the Bahamas'
14 x 11 in.

'Stella - Topless'
14 x 11 in.

But "sketches," they are immeasurable therapy.

Alcohol soothes the soul.

So do bottles that hold alcohol soothe the soul.

More election stuff to come - as things continue to brew. 

More beer bottles, too.

Thank God for beer. More so for beer bottles. 

Alas, beauty, as Mr. Friedman quips, may be in the eye of the beer holder but beauty, too, is the beer holder - in the eye of a painter. 

These beauties, originals, not sold in six packs nor in stores. 

A few Franklins, and a Grant, for each. 


Mr. Trump? He does not drink; beer nor anything. And he's amassed a pile of Franklins.

Mrs. Clinton? There's not enough beer! And she's amassed a pile of Franklins, too; dirty. 

Vote responsibly.

Drink responsibly.


Post Script

To see more bottles - and things and flag paintings and en plein air moments of fly fishing visit: http://www.weddingtonartgallery.com/Recent-Paintings.html


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Dennis OBrien said...

".....let he who without Gin, cast the first stone" Motto of the midnight tour, 40 years ago.