01 August 2016


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 01 August 2016

You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear. Sammy Davis, Jr. 

To Election - 98 days.

Hillary Clinton...

The morning of Day 99 I watched Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace interview her. 

She lied.

To his face and to America's face, yet again, she lied.  

She lied about her substantiated lying. 

And Chris Wallace was either too much the gentleman or a wuss to call her a liar.

I would have called her a liar. 

Let's be clear, Hillary Clinton is a liar. 

In fact, Hillary Clinton is a FBI investigated and certified liar - cheater and thief inclusive.

Donald Trump...

The morning of Day 98 Mr. Trump is still under attack for a dumb comment about the Khan family (who criticized him during the DNC) and the death of their son, an Army captain, in combat.



And Mr. Trump deserves scolding. 

He should apologize and move on. 

But what Mr. Trump does not deserve, in all fairness, is for his dumb words to be escalated in importance above the treasonous crimes and lying, to include under oath, of Mrs. Clinton.

And that is exactly what disingenuous media is doing.

Mr. Trump indeed says some dumb things. 

Saying dumb things is one thing. 

Doing criminal things and lying about them is another thing.

Mrs. Clinton, and her campaign, dismisses the serious issues and talks about Mr. Trump. 

Mr. Trump, and his campaign, addresses the serious issues and talks about Mrs. Clinton's issues. 

Whatever the faults of each...

Mrs. Clinton is a FBI certified criminal and liar (the depths still unknown).  

Mr. Trump is not a FBI certified criminal and liar. 

To Mr. Wallace and all who "report" to the citizenry...

Do your moral duty. Tell the damn truth so voters can make an informed choice - between commitment and fear. 

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Unknown said...

Chris Wallace should've pressed her hard! Called her out. But, you can be sure that her lawyers likely had an interview agreement drawn up that said if Wallace crossed certain lines that the interview would end and he'd be cited for breech. Or something along those lines. Does anyone believe HRC entered the studio without conditions?