18 July 2016


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 18 July 2016

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. George Bernard Shaw

Today marks my father-in-law's 89th birthday.

Big Bob, dead for 15 years, was a WWII Tin Can Sailor.

In his honor, this evening we dined out on seafood complemented with some spirits.

As I knew him, and once he held office as mayor, he well-represented the PRICE of being American.


It's a solution. And a simple one for the angering, ridiculous divisiveness and senseless violence that currently ails America.


When problems get complex, without fail it's in the simple we should look for solutions.


P: Patriotism. Yesterday morning our party of six - veterans but one - ate breakfast at Blackstone's CafĂ©, owned by a Marine, on Scott Street just off Bay Street in downtown Beaufort, SC. At 0800 the manager sounded eight bells and eloquently announced to the diners the cafe's custom, to honor our great country, is for all to join in our Pledge of Allegiance. We stood, faced colors, and along with other diners and staff reaffirmed our allegiance to America. Never had I been to Blackstone's. Never have I eaten anywhere with such a refreshing practice. It's too bad that daily practice is not commonplace, especially in schools, across America. We'd be a better country.

R: Responsibility. Take it. And take it for everything done and not done. Today's default posture of many - being a victim - is nonsense. Poor decisions and the consequences thereof are not anyone else's fault. Blaming others is the way of the irresponsible. Cowards. Figure it out. The more folk that figure it out, the better our country.

I: Integrity. Truth. One is either honest or not. Funny, truth ties back to responsibility. Raise integrity, raise America.

C: Civility. It is not uncivilized to protest. It is uncivilized to protest purporting violence and carrying out violence. Assaulting and killing innocent people solves nothing. Civility is the foundation of law and order. Policing, and when necessary punishing, the uncivilized makes our country better.  

E: Equality. It is a core of being American - so all men are created. There are civilized means to go about the pursuit of equality. Uncivilized ways lead to chaos and distrust and bigger problems (we live them today). Equality. Equitableness. Balance. For fairness, America is better.

Freedom. Liberty. Call it what you will, it's not easy.

Discipline required.

So is there requirement for policing to ensure law and order.

As with everything in life there's a cost. 

Are you willing to pay the PRICE?

If not, then the consequences - dreaded, endured and sometimes suffered - should not come as a surprise. Deserved. That's fair.

Most importantly, it is consequences to which we must return. Accountability. The absence thereof is killing us.

It's no more complex than that.


But for now the PRICE tone is not coming from the top. It seems the opposite, deliberately. 

That's costing us. And dearly.      


Mad Dog said...

Another priceless piece of wisdom Colonel. To bad people with your understanding don't end up in elected office.

Semper Fi!

A Colonel of Truth said...

Thanks, Mad Dog. But as to office, I prefer safeguarding my hard-earned reputation.