05 July 2016


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 05 July 2016

The safety of the people shall be the highest law. Marcus Tullius Cicero

Less than 90 minutes ago James Comey, Director, FBI, spoke for about 15 minutes on his agency's criminal investigation into the communications methodology and practice, and the consequences thereof, of Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State. 

He did not entertain questions.

I then donned PT gear for a rigorous 60 minute workout. And thought. 

Though there's temptation to analyze the statement and conclusion, and more, I refrain. 

Talking heads are already turning to.

Though not an attorney, experience I have conducting and reviewing investigations; simple and complex. And experience administering discipline and punishment and referring, when appropriate, misconduct to higher authority for adjudication. Add common sense, pursuit of truth, and fairness to my qualifications. 

During and cooling down from the workout, occurred - an observation, a question, and a thought...

So, some citizens are above law and order. 

Who investigates the Department of Justice and FBI? 

May Mr. Comey enjoy his new "pony" because it sure appears he's going to be getting one. 


Unknown said...

I am reminded of a statement my Dad made after I reported the USMC IG inspection team who came to PISC to inspect DIs and officers in various uniforms and such, was less than satisfactory in their own appearance. He asked the question, "Who inspects the IG".

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Mad Dog said...

I thought we were going to see some justice, but I was wrong again. The fact that half the country loves her proves the country is in dire straits. Maybe I'd love her and Obama too if I depended on them to provide everything I need without ever having to work for it. If she becomes president we are doomed with no prospect of ever being able to fix it.

Semper Fi!

Tom H. said...

And we are expected to suspend our state of disbelief??? The legal stench is overpowering. Looks as though even the FBI Director had his price, and now paves the way for a coronation of "Her Majesty." God help us...

Nick Hoskot said...

If any of us had been this "careless", we would be guests of the Govt at Leavenworth. And, I would offer that EVERYONE who receives the highest level security clearances is personally and individually briefed about the "rules" and then must sign a document acknowledging understanding and compliance...Including our four star officers at the pinnacle of the food chain/hierarchy.

Steve Morgan said...

Well written Andy. I am a lawyer, and a former Cop, and briefly a prosecutor in two jurisdictions, and I too have conducted several military misconduct investigations both active duty and civil service. This stinks to high heaven and Congress should immediately begin impeachment proceedings, file Contempt of Congress charges against those not under impeachment jurisdiction and let the arrests begin. Don't hold your breath as such acts would require moral clarity, courage, integrity, and selflessness that is found nowhere in DC. As others have stated - the republic is doomed and only God can help us now.

A Colonel of Truth said...

Thanks, Steve. What a discouraging mess. Were I out on the range, I'd be compelled to utter a word.