09 July 2016


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 09 July 2016

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a straight cash bribe. Claud Cockburn

Follow the cash.

For truth lies upon the paper trail.

Who was recently added to the Clinton Foundation payroll and Christmas card list?

Barack "Odrama" Obama
Loretta "Leech" Lynch
James "Little Jimmy Comealong" Comey

The payer's out-of-pocket estimate must have been just right.

It was effective.

The end?

Not so long as there's cash.

Bet on it!

That's the straight skinny on fat cats.

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Mad Dog said...

During the Roman and British empires there was no internet and instant worldwide communications. I'm beginning to think it doesn't matter that we do. We can see the end of the United States coming and there's nothing the average American can do about it. We see the liars, cheats, thieves and deceivers at the highest levels of government and they are untouchable. At least when Chesty Puller was surrounded by the enemy he could kill 'em. We can't do that, but the thugs can kill the police with the support of Hillary and Obama. Something has to change, but I ain't optimistic. We can only hope the biased and crooked media and their polls are way out of whack.

Semper Fi!