14 June 2016


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 14 June 2016

On what rests the hope of the republic? One country, one language, one flag. Alexander Henry

Today is Flag Day. 

A more appropriate day for this comment there's not.

The likelihood any one of us will be victim of a terrorist attack, especially on American soil, is still infinitesimal.

But it's not as infinitesimal as it used to be. 

So air travel is a miserable activity. Some choose to not frequent movie theaters or be part of large crowds - like sports events, rock concerts, and theme parks. Now nightclubs. It's not so much paranoia as precaution. It's a damn shame is what it is. 

The attacks on Americans, in America, by Muslim terrorists are increasing with frequency with more wounded and murdered in each attack. 

Add Orlando to New York City; Washington, D.C.; Pennsylvania; Fort Hood; Boston; Chattanooga; and San Bernardino. Where have I forgotten?

Mr. Obama came into office talking about not blue states and red states but one country and one flag. 

He vowed to end the wars and close down Guantanamo Bay. 

He pulled American forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan (though Americans are back on the ground in combat). And he continues to release prisoner terrorists (from Guantanamo Bay) who return to the fight. 

Insanity. Or is it? 

He refers to the enemy as jayvees, says the enemy is on the run or under control, draws red lines then denies so doing and falters, and talks about defeating the enemy. Blah, blah, blah. 

This is not complicated.

For the head scratchers, the perplexed experts and talking heads confused and not able to understand Mr. Obama, a couple of  simple questions: 1) Does Mr. Obama's strategy(s) make sense?; 2) Do they (strategies) comply with his oath of office and duty to safeguard our country and people?

Our reality is the consequence of his strategy and policies has brought war (and it's escalating) to America. 

It matters not if that consequence intended or not.

Though a logical-thinking person would conclude, considering facts and current events, it is anything but unintentional.

Words (tough talk) do not matter. 

Efforts (feigning toughness) do not matter. 

Outcomes matter. And they have not been good and are not good these days.  

In remarks, as to action, following the Orlando attack, Mr. Obama said, "My hope is...".

Hope, Mr. Obama, is not a course of action.

For us all to consider...

A problem cannot be properly addressed much less solved until every single possibility, no matter how improbable and absurd, is thoroughly vetted for any assumption can be potentially disastrous. 

Ergo, the improbable and absurd for vetting...

The enemy is here. And in numbers our government can only guess. 

War is well underway on American soil. 

That war, and it's objective of destruction, is being waged by a common enemy.

Mr. Obama refuses to identify/label that enemy.

Mr. Obama is bringing (foreign) peoples - under the "humanitarian" banner labeled "refugees" - by the thousands, tens of thousands to our country. Whom among them enemy? 

There is not U. S. border integrity. Trespassing (AKA: 'illegal immigration' in PC speak) is out of control. 

Mr. Obama communicates with his Secretary of State over unauthorized non-secure email and does not direct it be shut down (and recently endorsed her, despite being under FBI criminal investigation, enthusiastically, for president).

And, of course, there's always more. 

Those variables alone have the sickening ring of sympathizer and facilitator. A disturbing but necessary thought. 

What difference does intent make? Again, outcomes matter.  

Besides, a big part of the problem today is the "sleeper" terrorist. Any assumption as to where they "sleep" is reckless.  

At the current rate of attacks, there will in all probability be at least one possibly two major attacks on American soil before the election. And at least that many abroad.

How infinitesimal are you feeling? 

Obama's war. 

It's upon us.

It's not complicated. 

We need a president who: 1) Understands and respects one country, one language, one flag; and 2) Will wage war ruthlessly and not sleep until our enemy is not merely defeated but destroyed.  

Fly your flag! 

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