16 June 2016


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 16 June 2016

All empty souls tend toward extreme opinions. William Butler Yeats 

Tuesday, Mr. Obama spoke, again, to America about the Orlando terrorist attack.

He opined. Extremely. Scolded us, actually. 

Blither blather. 


Why was his anger not focused on, 1) yet another (Muslim) nut job, American or not, who decided to go out and murder (and wound) scores of innocent, unarmed people; and 2) the enemy? 

Some believe because he's simply a clueless, inept failure while others hold to a calculating, sinister take.  

Regardless, when things awry rile the public his instinct is to blame everyone and any and everything but the culprit.  

Phobes, name the flavor, are to blame. 

Guns are to blame. 

A candidate for president who disagrees with him - on practically everything - is to blame.

There's no need to repeat the criticism of Mr. Obama. Critics, analysts, and know-it-all talking heads are tending to that. But there's an observation yet to be addressed.

Think about a man, Mr. Obama - who during his critical years of youth did not live on American soil and was not imprinted with American culture but lived abroad and was stamped Muslim - having the gall to lecture Americans on who we are as Americans. 


Standing behind and to port of Mr. Obama, as stage decoration, was General Joe Dunford, USMC - Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

The general was raised in the Northeast - Boston. A Catholic, during his imprinting years of youth (he) undoubtedly waved our flag and recited the Pledge of Allegiance daily; developed a healthy understanding of right and wrong and respect for authority; savored the aroma of hotdogs and hamburgers and baked beans grilling; saw and heard high school marching bands and fireworks on the 4th of July; and enjoyed that distinctive crack of a wood bat striking a baseball and the ball smacking a sweat-soaked but sweet-smelling mitt. That is, his roots common - to many a red-blooded American boy; including mine.   

An infantryman, his training known to me. 

Values we share.

The mindset of Marine I know, too. 

So with that it's easy to imagine what must have been going through the general's mind while Mr. Obama was opining.

What a contrast of public servants. 

For truth, ask and listen to the Marine. The civilian's history, including while in office, amiss and therefore nothing credible.    


A more gentlemanly and exemplary display of professional duty, tolerance, and restraint does not come to mind - other than...

that of the American people.  

Why we have not rallied and stormed the White House and Capitol to reclaim America can only be attributable to our trust and faith and, mostly, an incredible sense of humor. 

Yes, that's it. We're a funny lot but not always in a haha sense.

An empty soul's opinion? 


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Herein is the difference. Great one Colonel.