06 March 2016


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 06 March 2016

Men are like wine - some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age. Pope John XXIII

Few question the legislative and governing background - state and federal - of Governor Kasich qualifying him as the most experienced candidate still vying for the GOP nomination for president.

Experience matters - though not so much this election cycle.  

The governor has not been called too many names.

On the other hand, Donald Trump (who has big hands and more, or so he claims) comfortably leading for the GOP nomination has been called about every name imaginable. Some good. Some not so good. 

Scam artist; con man; oaf; buffoon; egotist; and liar the more popular. For language and innuendo, he's been called crude; crass; rude; and a whole lot more with some not repeatable.

Mr. Trump has also been called brilliant; shrewd; businessman; entertainer; and a spectacle. 

Mr. Trump, whom I've never met, may be all of those things good and not so good. He may be some of those things. Or he may be none of those things.

But I will not take the word of anyone levying those charges who is also running for the same prize. Nor the word of anyone who does not want him as president.

For all Mr. Trump is, Governor Kasich is not.

Thinking about the last debate, that each of the four candidates honestly believes they can still win, and Mr. Trump's seeming genius for enthralling his supporters, gaining more, and mesmerizing media, something occurred to me. 

It's about time for another dazzling Trump move. What could it be? 

While preparing a dinner salad the other evening and chit chatting with my wife an idea struck when picking up the oil and vinegar dressing.

Mr. Trump - vinegar.

Governor  Kasich - oil. 

Might Mr. Trump ask the governor to join his ticket as vice president?

And soon?

A Marine, I was trained to tactically and strategically assess battlefields. And to be bold. 

Mr. Trump is bold. Though trying to figure out his tactical and strategic methodologies has been challenging. Yet nor has anyone else solved them including the experts and junkies. 

Mr. Trump marches on. Unstoppable is another thing he's been called.  

A Trump/Kasich ticket makes sense. A kind way to put it is they're complements - from interpersonal skills to political experience. 

Mr. Trump wines (and dines) and whines. Governor Kasich has gotten better with age. 

Should anything happen to President Trump a qualified and capable vice president is ready.

Ah, but what about Governor Chris Christie who's already been welcomed to the Trump campaign?

Put him in charge of transportation. He knows rocky roads, tough campaign trails, traffic tie-ups, and all things bridge (perhaps even the card game). 

So, even should Governor Kasich win his home state, Ohio, he is not going to be president. It's a numbers game and he does not have them. Ergo, there's no logical nor practical path for him - other than along the (possible) side trail as vice president.

President John Kasich - a smooth guy just like oil - would do just fine. 

But first the vinegar.

And that's not endorsing yet merely analyzing, speculating, and advising - all gratuitously - whilst Mr. Trump has likely already figured out his next surprise attack; an ambush in the least likely of places at the least likely expected of times. 

Yes, Mr. Trump for all he is and is not is a showman, dear. He has captivated America. Some cheer! Some jeer. 

Friend and foe abroad fear. 

Now to change gear - back to my peaceful Sunday afternoon and cold beer. 


Tom Hickinbotham said...

Christie's job should be US Attorney General, not VP. As for Kasich, I don't think he'll leave Ohio to be Trump's sidekick. They are too different - as you said (oil and vinegar)- and Kasich would chafe serving under Trump. No, I think it's all or nothing for John Kasich. Who would be willing to serve as VP under Trump is, in itself, an interesting question...

A Colonel of Truth said...

The fun of all this being there's but one crystal (clear) ball holder and He gave all the rest of us the same one but completely fogged. Ergo (human) life is unpredictable but goodness how we enjoy and thrive on forecasting. And wonder how we could be so wrong. A variable not to be diminished in all this is ego. To assuage it people do strange things to include getting along with polar opposites. Mr. Trump has surprised everyone. And still he stumps the forecasters. Who knows what's to come? "He" does!