23 March 2016


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 23 March 2016

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. William Shakespeare 

President Obama. 

Of what country?

In Cuba, for reasons not know of value to the United States, he posed, not impromptu but calculated, before a monstrous image of Che Guevara. 


He attended a baseball game while the rest of the world tended to the business of another terrorist attack, this time in Brussels, orchestrated by faithful of the religion of peace.


And he, at the game, managed less than a minute worth of remarks about the carnage that included Americans. 


No golf?

Why not?

Critics are pointing to bad optics.

Well, no kidding. 

But this is the president who refuses to call the terrorists who and what they are. 

This is the president who played golf minutes after making obligatory comments following terrorists beheading an American.

This is the president who embraced Trayvon Martin.

This is the president who embraced Michael Brown. 

This is the president who hugged the parents of Bo Bergdahl at our White House. 

This is the president who traded five known terrorist "generals" held at Guantanamo Bay (some of whom have returned to battle) for the deserter Bergdahl. 

This is the president who has still not come clean as to his whereabouts and actions during the Benghazi, Libya, terrorist attack and murder of four Americans on duty. 

This is the president dismantling our military.

The list goes on and on. And on. 


The president is either oblivious, does not care, or rubbing America's nose in his disdain for our country. 

None acceptable but he's the trump card. 

Absolutely known is what kind of president we have. Soon he is done. 

Now folks are in a frenzy as to what kind of president Donald Trump would be. 

The frenzy being based on the powers to be not wanting disruption to the status quo thus wild speculation to frighten and cause second-guessing.

Consequently, there's an ongoing super-sized effort to take Mr. Trump down and out.

He's not going quietly.  

The fact is no one really knows what kind of president Mr. Trump would be. 

Just as no one knew what kind of president Barack Obama would be. How could we, we didn't know who Barack Obama was; and still do not. 

The fact is no one really knew. Once in office, he spoke and acted contrary to pre-election word. 

We heard Mr. Hyde and got Dr. Jekyll. 

Don's early light - Mr. Trump's words to his countrymen - is promising return to a recognizable America; a great country.  

For his blunt language, determination, and promises masses can see - O can they see. And they are saying, "Go Trump!"

He leads still the other two surviving GOP contenders. 

Donald Trump is not Ted Cruz nor John Kasich. And he's certainly not Barack Obama. 

Had media etc., unveiled Barack Obama to the extent Mr. Trump is being exposed we'd - America and the world - not be in the mess we live. 

That's not speculation but logic. 

Per Shakespeare, we, not the stars, hold our destiny.

Perhaps it's fate a man named Trump trumps Obama. 

So say what you want, can, and will about Mr. Trump but his rise, I say, is a necessary and healthy thing. 

Until a GOP nominee is sorted out...

Go Trump! 

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Jim Bathurst said...

Oh say, I can see, and I see great things happening with President-elect Donald Trump. Not to upset the constitutional guarantee of separation between church and state -- I pray every night.