27 February 2016


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 27 February 2016

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best. 
Oscar Wilde 

Bothered by and tired of all the over-analysis and vile comments, said and written, by and about those (GOP candidates) running for president, time for something on the tastier side.

Bitter: Senator Rubio. His attacks on Mr. Trump these past days reek of someone angry for seeing the writing on the wall - he's not going to get the wanted prize. He speaks often of the Reagan conservatism. He can turn a phrase but he's no Ronald Reagan. The Senator was but 8 years-old when President Reagan took office. Hmm. 

Sour: Senator Cruz. His tone is not that of the bitter Senator Rubio. He may not be overtly angry but is certainly puzzled as to the popularity of Mr. Trump and sometimes gets rather spirited and pointed. He clings to conservatism but does not speak repetitively of the Reagan years. Like Senator Rubio he was young, but 9 years-old, when President Reagan took office. Though obviously meant for effect, he has an awkward, distracting pause when speaking. Just spit it out, Senator. Again, hmm. 

Umami: Governor Kasich. The savory candidate of the bunch. Lots of government and leadership experience at all levels. Sensible. A gentleman. Pretty much follows the Reagan approach of not speaking ill of the other candidates running for the party's nomination. Nearly 20 years senior the two Senators, he well knows the wonder of the Reagan years. He speaks with passion and commitment. That is, when having opportunity to speak.  

Sweet: Doctor Carson. Energetic. Durable. Thoughtful. Calm. Likable. Too, a gentleman. Like the governor, follows the Reagan approach of not speaking ill of the other candidates running for the party's nomination. But he defends himself; tactfully. A year older than the governor he, too, well knows the wonder of the Reagan years. A brainiac who speaks from the heart and effectively uses his gifted hands when emphasis is in order. He does not get enough opportunity to speak.  

Salty: Mr. Trump. He's been around. He knows hard knocks business. And he knows hard knocks politics - both parties. Why is he so popular? The human brain is wired to strike a balance of salt. But we (can) crave salt, too. Is America addicted? Overdosing? Mr. Trump, oldest of the candidates, is about the same age as Ronald Reagan when he was elected. He well remembers the popular 40th president. He speaks and tweets his mind - off the cuff and all the time. And folks cannot get enough. More salt, please.  

Fat (research is mounting it should be added to the tastes list): Governor Christie. Enough said.

With yesterday's announcement that Governor Christie is endorsing Mr. Trump, one thought: Fat & Salty. 

Granted, the proper order is Salty & Fat. 

That is not likely to be "the ticket" but for now it's the taste Americans like. Actually, crave. And media cannot get enough of, either. 

In closing...

Last evening a retired Marine friend teased me with a $20.00 bet. 

His note, "$20 bucks says if he [Trump] gets the nomination, Hillary or Bernie wins. And brings a Democrat Senate with them. Be luck to hold the house."

In reply, "On upbringing and principle, prefer a gentleman's wager: $1.00. It makes the win as sweet as it's supposed to be. Agreeable?"

He replied, "you're on."

I'll not spend that umami dollar but frame it and set it on my desk ever in sight - to be often reminded of just how sweet salty can be over sour and bitter. 

Now that there's money on the table, "GO TRUMP!"

Tis the season.  


Jim said...

Once again friend, fellow Marine, and fellow Colonel of Marines, you did good sir! As always I am proud to be among your friends. Amazing isn't it that "The Don" keeps doing better and better every where he goes? An obvious expression of just how disgusted and plain mad as h%$L are those in American who matter most. The GOP just can't believe what's happening. I assume they will be dishing up a huge platter of crow's meat when he wins the nomination. Whatever will the party do? One thing is for certain, it will be fun to watch. Semper Fi my friend, JB

A Colonel of Truth said...

Thank you, Jim. I am doing the best I can (ever a struggle for a NC corn cob).

A Colonel of Truth said...

Folks, a fellow Marine has a new blog up and running. Recommend a visit: http://wellalldieasmarines.net/?p=973

smitty1e said...

Now that there's money on the table, "GO TRUMP!"

Indeed. To a far place. For example, Mars.