24 February 2016


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Square box, round pizza, triangle slices. I'm confused! Unknown

Last evening I had dinner at the Officers' Club aboard the Marine Base, otherwise known as the Combat Center, in Twentynine Palms, California.

For the uninformed the Combat Center is the Corps largest live-fire base in the country. It's where Marines go to exercise - to maneuver and integrate fires (ground and aviation) and deconflict problems (before deploying and potentially heading into battle). 

It's serious business - friendly rounds as lethal as enemy.

A Marine pal for nearly 25 years and not seen in nearly 20 was in town. He was helping prepare a unit for deployment. Mission complete, the O Club our rally point. 

We talked Marine stuff before, during, and after dinner. No politics.

After about 20 minutes of 'until next time farewells' in the deserted parking lot, Mr. Trump came up.

For context...

This Marine is no dummy. I don't know an infantryman that is. To the contrary. While brainiacs are trying to reengineer how to force round discs into square and triangular holes and the latter into round holes to create something new, he looks at the problem differently. 

With a step back, he notices that the round discs actually fit in the round holes and the squares and triangles into their mates and that creates the new thing simply; to the astonishment of all.  

So about Mr. Trump he said, "When I receive RNC propaganda and solicitations in the mail I angrily scribble 'GO TRUMP!' on it and mail it back," and continued, "I don't care that he's loud and crude nor whatever else he's accused of being. I'm sick of the nonsense. I don't care! GO TRUMP!"

A lot of Marines I know feel similarly. Though some not. 

Fact: Mr. Trump is going. Steamrolling might be a better word. In Marine vernacular Mr. Trump is moving, shooting, and communicating - effectively. Put the actions in whatever order you want. 

He's on a mission and not taking prisoners.  

He nearly doubled the count of his closest competitor (Senator Rubio) in Nevada yesterday. 

Last week in South Carolina he drew sword and finished off Jeb! (and the entire Bush family). 

Next Tuesday will be big. Real big. 

There are no signs of slowing much less stopping the Trump battlewagon.

So it seems Mr. Trump has figured out round discs fit in round holes. He's created something new, something simple. His vision for America - "Make America Great Again!" - has a familiar look and sweet sound. Americans like what they see and hear.

Four words. Simple. Powerfully so. 

Yes indeed Americans are sick of the nonsense. That's clear.

Stay home next Tuesday. Call Domino's - the place that offers triangles in the shape of round that fits into a square - and enjoy the show.

Go figure, a Marine founded Domino's. 


Ask a Marine! But not one assigned to the Pentagon. 


Bob Shannon said...

Colonel, you obviously have a higher opinion of Trump than I. I look at him as a master of the Trump brand; a man whose entire life has been focused on promoting himself. Other than saying everything will be great, what has he done? What is his plan? He changes political affiliation like I change socks. How can he go from supporting Kerry, Reid and Clinton to being a Republican stalwart? Do you really want someone who has declared bankruptcy for his businesses four times managing the economy?

Trump has money. Trump has bluster. Trump has charisma. Trump has a trophy wife (and two trophy ex-wives). Trump says "Make America Great Again", but how does he plan to do it? Just remember, "Hope and Change" was also a catchy phrase. Look what that got us.

A Colonel of Truth said...

Mr. Shannon you have jumped to a conclusion about my opinion (of Mr. Trump) that is baseless from the commentary. I reported the summary of an encounter - and offered an interpretation, objectively, of what strikes me as a plausable explaination. I did not endorse whatsover nor vow to vote for him (though if the nominee I will).

Jim Bathurst said...

Andy my friend, you are too much of a gentleman, which I have never been accused of, nor do I care to when confronted with someone who's only "facts" seem to come from MSNBC. Please Mr. Shannon, get your facts straight sir. Look into those four bankruptcies more closely; you may find a surprise awaiting. Moreover, since when is a bankruptcy a negative for public office? "Trophy" wife? How tacky is that? Married three times, as have I, and does that make him bad? I think not. And your kickers were "What has he done? What is his plan?" My my sir. Have you heard anyone else share a plan that makes sense to you? All I have heard is political-speak, which is the same rhetoric I hear before every election. This is a primary sir, not the election. Has anyone running for office in any party created more jobs that Mr. Trump? Not! Has anyone running for office brokered more deals than Trump? Not. By the way, I believe I know exactly how he will get Mexico to build the fence, and Mexico will have lots of help from some of America's largest corporations. It's so simple for anyone that understands Macro Economics. Sorry Andy, I simply could not resist responding to someone as ill-informed as Mr. Shannon. Semper Fi Andy

Bob Shannon said...

Colonel Bathurst - For the record, I don't watch MSNBC. Also for the record I supported Carly Fiorina who, unfortunately, gained no traction. I liked Jim Webb, but he's in the wrong party and also gained no traction.

Donald Trump has been a very successful business man. I don't question his success. I don't question his business acumen. I don't question his intelligence. What I question is his suitability to be the President of the United States.

Trump is a wheeler-dealer. He wins big and loses big. His shtick is to promote the Trump brand. He declared bankruptcy four times for his businesses. He over-leveraged his companies and couldn't pay off the debt. You are correct that bankruptcy doesn't disqualify someone from holding office, and granted he's in a high risk business, but four times indicates a systemic problem should raise red flags.

Trump has done well in the primaries by bullying the competition, saying what people want to hear, and promising that everything is going too be great. I need more that that. You call it campaign rhetoric, but since Trump has never held elective office he needs to explain his positions. He can't get elected on bluster alone.

Trump's political past is murky. He was once a Republican, then an Independent, then a Democrat, and now a Republican again. Although Trump talks like Teddy Roosevelt, I fear his policies may be those of Franklin Roosevelt. He has vacillated on gun control and on universal health care, supported the impeachment of George Bush, says “in many cases I probably identify more as a Democrat”, has said “Republicans are too crazy right”, praised Obama, etc. I understand that sometimes people change their positions, but Trump is over the place. Who is he really? If elected, what will he really do?

Some of his claims are outrageous. Adding a thirty five percent tariff to Mexican imports will be categorically rejected by businesses, will never be approved by Congress, and if passed will be paid for by the American consumer. How will he build a wall with Mexico? You think businesses will contribute to the funding; I disagree because it's politically incorrect and stock holders won't support it. He wants to deport eleven million illegal aliens. That sounds good to me but how will he do it? The devil is in the details.

He does have some appealing ideas such as ending sanctuary cities, the 5-5-10 income tax, strengthening the military and taking care of veterans. However, as usual he is ambiguous on how to finance and implement these initiatives.

The objective of the primary is to select a candidate who will win the Presidential election; it is not to select someone who will put up a good fight and go down in flames. After eight years of Obama we need to elect a Republican President. A good showing isn't enough.

The Democrats have two horrible candidates in Sanders and Clinton; one is a criminal and the other a card carrying Socialist. If Donald Trump wants to win the election he will have to broaden his base to include dissatisfied Democrats. He must define what he is going to do and how he's going to do it. Hold the chutzpah.

If Trump is the Republican candidate I will vote for him. However, if he is going to win he needs more than bravado.

Bob Shannon

A Colonel of Truth said...

One of the purposes of this forum - civil, intellectual discourse; even in disagreement. Otherwise, I'd note but not publish. Thanks, Marines, for keeping it civil. Pointed, of which I am sometimes guilty, acceptable.