07 December 2015


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 07 December 2015

Brevity is the soul of wit. William Shakespeare

Seventy-four years ago this date an enemy attacked. Murder and destruction. Soon after, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt spoke to America saying it was a day that would live in infamy. With conviction, he vowed action. There was.  

Last evening, following President Obama's 13 minutes talk, I resisted temptation to write and post analysis from the page of scribbled notes and thoughts. Good judgement that restraint. 

Alas, each commentary is a challenge - to write the perfect one - comprehensive yet not a wasted word; the six-word story a benchmark.

What to say awakened me early this morning.

Two perspectives, the president's and his people and everyone else whose heart sank, and a conclusion; six-words each.  

The president read lines, done duty.

The president red-lined, duty done. 

Threats threatened with empty threats threaten.  

An 18-words complete analysis that harbors animus for a president not a pearl. And that's the bottom line. 

In closing...

We have been attacked repeatedly - last week in California. Murder and destruction. Last evening President Barack Hussein Obama spoke to America saying little to nothing. Without hint of conviction, he vowed action. There won't be.  

Last week and previous attacks will be remembered though likely not as days that will live in infamy. But it is certainty that this president, who talks vice acts, will indeed live in infamy. 

Oh, by the way, the USS California (BB-44) a Tennessee-class battleship? Sunk - along with the USS Arizona et al. But floated and rebuilt she was within three years. Think phoenix. 

Remember, there was, too, recent attack in Tennessee. 

America will endure, somehow. Think volunteers.


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Anonymous said...

The President will indeed live in infamy as will his fool of a SecDef.