20 December 2015


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 20 December 2015

Delectable or detestable, all depend on what you place on the table. Constance Chuks Friday

The DNC should be charged with crime against the American citizenry. 

Charge: For conspiratorial strategy and tactics of hiding, in plain site, their frontrunner candidate for president.  

First Count: Scheduling and carrying on debates on obscure days and at times when most people are distracted with lighter, more entertaining activities and television viewing. 

For example, a debate last night. 

No, I did not watch. And not for any other reason than no interest. But many have plausible alibis so for them this morning's brief comment.  

Bernie - Saunders, Sanders, whateverhisname - is irrelevant.

So is the other guy. 

Hillary Clinton is an amoral; unprincipled; unethical; murdering; lying; incompetent; self-righteous; egotistical; narcissistic; and dangerous being without peer. And her snide cackle is annoying. 

That is a collective's not-all-inclusive summary I happen to share and positions her atop the heap of despicable. In that light, a winner.  

By any standard of what is right, truthful, fair and just she, for crimes of violating oath of office; deserting Americans on duty in battle and murder; lying under oath; maliciously abusing the most sensitive of classified material thereby compromising national security and therefore amounting to treason; and more still, should be charged and imprisoned pending trial.

If found guilty, hanged by neck or shot by firing squad, cremated, buried deep in a sealed concrete vault, and with two armed guards posted 24/7 with orders to shoot in the event she should attempt escape. 

How anyone, of any ilk, sees value in and of Hillary Clinton is not only mind-boggling but deeply disheartening and troubling for the safety, security, and general welfare of America.

She is detestable, on or off the table. 

And that by no means trumpets the opposition.  

Our country, if to recover and prosper, deserves and must have better. 

Say, a delectable table.

Place wise(ly), men and women.    

Merry Christmas!  

Post Script

Note the opening quote by Friday - and on the day Christmas falls. 


Tom H. said...

The song about "Mr. Grinch" seems to fit HRC to a tee. She is, indeed, despicable. And if the low-hanging, voting fruit of this nation elects her next year, we will witness the passing of the greatest nation in the history of the planet...

Unknown said...

Thank you for another fine piece of prose. I have forwarded it to my entire mailing list and posted it on face (farce) book. DenOB