10 September 2015


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 10 September 2015

"Characteristics cling to families." Sir Francis Galton

Hillary Clinton has HERPES - Hereditarily Enjoyed Real Political Entanglement Syndrome.

She cannot tell the truth.

Nor can her supporting media be objective and truthful - honesty rejected as the best policy.

And to some (indeterminable) extent her repetitive lying with media partnership echoing is working - the public ear ingesting and brain but more so heart digesting.

Yesterday on Facebook a Marine friend posted comment about Hillary's 'mishandling' of classified material thereby compromising national security.

One who replied...

"I'm not a Hillary fan but the admission I heard was that the material was handled, [sic] properly and that some of it has since been classified so that it would not be revealed in this investigation. This is a common practice. However, she made a bad choice to have a private server in this climate, even if Colin Powell did the same and W's servers were owned by the Republican party. This is a tempest in a tea pot [sic]."

Analysis/Translation: I have been watching Hillary explain herself and media tell me what to think. I am onboard. She is a good person. Those mean old Republicans are out to get her and I'm voting for her no matter what.

And that misguided person is not alone.

Disheartening how stupid much of the citizenry.

First she denied. Followed by lies. Then she apologized - for the public being so confused over the whole thing. Then she lied some more with carefully crafted words. Then she justified. And vilified. More lies. Then she joked about her new Snapchat account and disappearing messages. Then she feigned ignorance about how computers work and dismissed "wiping" her hard drive - like with a cloth (her perplexed act pathetic). Most recently she apologized for making a bad choice setting up private email and server. Still she lies.

Hillary, longtime public "servant" and a lawyer, now takes refuge behind poor decision-making while with a straight face saying she has the intellect, experience, and character to be president?

Such comedy could not be invented.

Fact of the matter is she knew exactly what she was doing when setting up her secretary of state communications. As did her advisors and those doing the work. That Americans on duty abroad were injured and killed to include murdered (quite probably linked to her and others reckless handling of classified material) while our country at war is treason. The ongoing cover-up is conspiracy. Charges and trial proper. With guilt, a firing squad or the gallows in order.

Hillary Clinton is inflammatory. She has HERPES. Whether or not her affliction of entanglement manifests itself in skin lesions is irrelevant.

She is, nonetheless, unsightly and painful and makes my skin crawl.

Per Sir Francis Galton, who knew something about heredity, there's another Clinton, and she's married, who most likely carries the characteristic - it clings to families.

The lineage continues. 

Does and will the syndrome?

There's no cure.

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