13 August 2015


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 13 August 2015

"Every city has a Donald Trump; ours is just the Trumpiest." 

                                                                                                                                      Padma Lakshmi

Tomorrow morning was the intent to publish but 'Lucky 13' apropos for the topic. So, here we go...

Trump trashing.

Bump, dump, and jump from Trump. 

'Trump's trumpery' some less-than-fans are calling his campaign. Everybody loves taking shots - pot, cheap, or otherwise - at the guy in front. And especially if he's way out in front. 


With Barack Obama twice elected - the circus standard set that will never be equaled. At least not in my lifetime.  

If America can withstand the most withering of relentless frontal assaults, even from within whether deliberate or incompetence, she can take and survive anything.  

Seven years ago the studied, sane, and sober could not imagine an Obama presidency. Likewise. Here we are - duped, insane, and drunk. Now anymore not only is anything imaginable it's possible. 

Imagine a Trump presidency? Sure. But that's not vote nor even endorsement. Right now politics is a junkie's dream and spectator's good fortune. This is exactly the way things are supposed to be. And should be for every public office race and election. Enjoy the show! 

It's early in the run for the GOP nomination. Mr. Trump and two other "outsiders" (Dr. Ben Carson, Mrs. Carly Fiorina) are adding a necessary and healthy dose of chaos (and seriousness) to what used to be a tired "insiders only" largely pre-determined game. No more. These three could not be more different with each proving, daily, they are a viable candidate.

Polls prove it. 

In the latest (Iowa), Mr. Trump still atop - all of them. 

Dr. Carson and Mrs. Fiorina stand 2nd and 5th. Deserving - their messages clear, sensible, strong, and resonating. 

They could easily be 1, 2, 3 and not necessarily in the current order, and may be before long. 

Back to that word chaos (not as in amok). Order, eventually, comes from it. Order is not static but a temporary condition, sometimes only momentary, of somewhat stability - less wobble of inestimable duration. Why? Because who knows what unknown variable(s) may upset order's sensitive condition.

Life happens. 

What if Mr. Trump dropped dead tomorrow? 

Big wobble. 

Tears.  Celebrations, too. 

What if President Obama dropped dead tomorrow?

Bigger wobble.  

Bigger tears.  And bigger celebrations. 

What if? What if?

Anything can happen. In an instant order back to chaos and vice versa. 

Mr. Trump, "they" say, is not a Republican; is not a conservative; has big ideas but no plans; and talks too much and before thinking. 

Maybe, maybe, maybe, and maybe. Or not. 

A thought about ideas and plans. 

Ideas are absolutely the mother of invention. They are dynamic and flexible and subject to spontaneously changing course to avoid unforeseen pitfalls, exploit sudden opportunities, and are the spark to pursue new ideas. With ideas the small or big and bright and quick conquer the big and dumb and slow. In short, execute. Adapt or die. It's an artist's way. It's a businessman's way. It's a leader's way. In our dynamic world it ought to be more often the way. 

Plans, on the other hand, by design, are rigid. And typically start falling apart at moment of execution. Been there done that - with paint brush, business, and Marine Corps exercises and operations (so, tear the comm annex [plan] out of the plan [order] and let's go). And drafters of the plan and those committed to are oft times compelled to stay the course to the brink of, if not smack dab in the middle of, disaster. Sometimes a leader emerges (from the chaos). Sometimes. 

Ergo, a "scheme of maneuver" is sanity, is balance. It goes to just getting started being half (at least) the battle. Communicate, move, shoot! Marines are taught to shoot, move, and communicate. Maybe that paradigm needs to be rethought. And retaught. 

As to Mr. Trump, the fact is "they" don't know what they're talking about. Even "they" who say they know Mr. Trump. I've listened to them. Gobbledygook much of it. "They" really have no idea what he's thinking. But assumptions and presumptions abound as facts. Experts all. Righto!  

Reality is Mr. Trump's a draw. Big, big draw. People show up and pay attention to what he says. And cheer! Tens of millions are tuning in. Even E. F. Hutton is listening. 

And then his popularity goes up. Soars. 


Because these good everyday folks, with brains and hearts, are not just angry they are pissed - at corrupt, crony, business-as-usual politicians that talk and talk and smile and lie and deny and get nothing done to better lives or country. 

And Mr. Trump, not a politician, is an upbeat, optimistic, showy, entertaining bigger-than-life American icon saying what is on the mind and in the hearts of many - because those things are on his mind and in his heart, too. He's passionately telling them he can make America great again. Somebody has to. Why not Mr. Trump? And he's selling it. Big. He's believable. 

In short, through him followers are venting piss and vinegar. And confounding everyone but themselves. 

And that's good. 

Fifteen months to electing our new president. Long time. There's going to be more wobble than order. Get used to it. And that wobble may include greater still popularity for Mr. Trump. Maybe not. 

Who knows. 

But it is surely a good thing people are getting their venom out now - early. Candidates will falter. Candidates will drop. Maybe even Mr. Trump. But with the survivors the citizenry will sort it out - wild emotions giving way to deliberate thought. Wobble to order to wobble to order... 

Mr. Trump's supporters are being called all sorts of names - most not repeatable - with stupid and fools the favored. That is frustrated reactionary foolishness. And failure or down right refusal to understand what is happening and why. 

Just this morning I watched as an established political analyst offered his Top 5 - Cruz; Bush; Walker; Rubio; Kasich. Mr. Trump he dismissed. The other two "outsiders" made cursory mention. And then he turned attention to a couple of the other "insiders." 

Conclusion: False authority. He's been spending too much time amongst the "experts" - peers validating each other's like lineup. Claiming validity. And congratulating each other on their brilliance. 

Current math says they are wrong. 

So we wobble and see. 

The other day a cable news prime time anchor sparring with a pundit said Mr. Trump was turning upside down "conventional political wisdom." Hilarious! But it was not intended to be. 

"Conventional political wisdom" - the oxymoron (in my mind) now taking over my decades long all-time favorite "military intelligence." 

In closing, a word about ego. 

Yes, Mr. Trump has a great big one (and big heart, he says). But so does every other candidate running for president - even the calm, humble, unassuming Dr. Carson and the outgoing, confident, and direct Mrs. Fiorina have big egos though tempered. 

Frankly, there are egos in the race much bigger than Mr. Trump's. Who? Those still in the race that have absolutely no chance. Zero. Nada. Zip. What are they thinking? What else could possibly be driving them? Altruism? Sure. I've an electric chicken skinner for sale, private message me. 

Deflate an ego? It's easier to deflate balls; game or not. Ask (NE Patriots quarterback) Tom Brady. He knows a little something about letting the air out of balls (and airing out balls) without touching ego.  

And so is WIGO - What Is Going On - today. Different will be tomorrow. 

In closing, if not familiar with Chaos Theory (non-linearity) and General Semantics (study of how language influences human behavior) then do yourself a favor - pick up a primer for each. Recommend: 'Leadership and the New Science' by Margaret Wheatley (non-linearity). A layman's introduction that's been around more than 20 years but relevant still. 'Semantics and Communication' by John C. Condon (General Semantics). A primer and more that's been around much longer but relevant still, too. Both are thoughtful reads - to study and reread. Enlightening! You'll see anew.


Donald, right now - in the Big Apple; little apples; towns; hamlets; burgs; and villes - coast to coast, is the Trumpiest. 

Trump is the one to trump.

Harrumph! Harrumph!

Post Script

Dedicated to brother Ed. 

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