17 August 2015



by Andy Weddington
Monday, 17 August 2015

"To keep your secret is wisdom; but to expect others to keep it is folly." Samuel Johnson

Hillary Clinton thought she had a secret. 

Wrong. Wise she is not. 

Hillary Clinton, during her first purposely stalled and stalled staged press conference to lie about her unsecured email and private (no longer secret) server while serving as our secretary of state, said she neither received nor sent classified material. 

Suspected a lie it was immediately. 

Substantiated a lie it is now. 

During subsequent public comments and question answering Hillary Clinton's lie language changed. 

Most recently Hillary Clinton's carefully worded lie is she neither received nor sent anything "marked" "classified."

That is not a lie. 

But she is lying still.

Classified material is not marked with the word "classified" nor "CLASSIFIED" nor any variant thereof.  

Classified material is sorted by sundry rigorous assessments as to importance for safeguarding national security and marked, with specific words, accordingly.

Thus, classified material may be marked in one of more than a handful of classifications - from "UNCLASS" to "TOP SECRET" with four or five others, if memory serves correctly. 

Some material requires positive control always and use only in special secure facilities.

Two conditions permit access to classified material: 1) Holding a clearance (at whatever level appropriate for the material); 2) Need to know. With clearance but not need to know access there is not. 

If ever any doubt about the sensitivity of material there's duty to be precautionary and handle as classified. 

That is not only common sense but requirement per clearance training. 

Hillary Clinton's recent public remarks - defiant, accusatory, and smug - in Iowa about her email and private server - denying, accusing Republicans of perpetuating a war on women, and joking about a new Snap Chat account where messages disappear - were appalling and infuriating. 

She maliciously broke her Oath of Office. She deliberately violated laws and procedures for conducting official government communications and protecting and storing same. She tampered with evidence. She destroyed evidence. She mocked and continues to mock laws - to letter and in spirit.  She lied. She continues to lie. And she carries on as if exempt from law and order.  

That is not subjective perspective but fact. Prefer charges, as appropriate. 

That Hillary Clinton, an experienced high-level public servant for much of her adult life, was not aware she was handling classified material (marking moot) on her unsecured private devices and server is preposterous.

What to deduce? 

Dereliction of duty with malicious intent. 




As talked about more than a few times in this forum, semantics is the study of language, and general semantics the study of how language influences human behavior.

Hillary Clinton is doing her Bill Clinton best to parse words into language to influence supporter/voter behavior. 

But her core problem is no matter how she couches words they will not match reality. Human response to her language, and de facto behavior, is another conversation. 

The word(s) is not the thing(s).

A lie is a lie is a lie. Somewhere in there is a definition of "is" (again, moot). 

One who tells a lie is a liar. 

That is truth. 

How folly, Hillary Clinton; fool.

Only the fool's fools applaud.

Candidate for our presidency?

"Hillaryous"! But not ha ha. 

The FBI is investigating. It's early. At this writing, more than 60 emails confirmed containing classified material, several hundred more flagged, and there's still tens of thousands more to review. Absolutely there will be more classified material compromised. 

Who knows the scope of damage Hillary Clinton did to national security. We'll probably never know. But that should not, whatsoever, corrupt deliberate and thorough due process for truth and absolute justice. 

Pending such, for Hillary Clinton, why not confinement awaiting trial - and, if convicted, firing squad.

Or noose?


Chat later.

This commentary will not disappear.//



Tom Hickinbotham said...

A classic "double standard" is presented when comparing the Potentially egregious damage Hillary's disregard of security protocols, and that od a Marine Capt. who is subject to being discharged for sending lower classification e-mail in an effort to save lives. And we wonder why folks are fed up with the Washington DC, "business-as-usual" elitists...

A Colonel of Truth said...

Absolutely, Tom. This nonsense that she has not been charged is unconscionable. It is un-American!