08 August 2015


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 08 August 2015

"We need a great president." Donald Trump


Not so much my thing. 

Strangely, I enjoy thinking and writing about it - not so much for the topic proper as the challenge to craft and concisely convey thoughts on something that is emotional to so many. There's joy watching people get spun up. It's healthy. It's entertaining!

This morning a comment posted on Facebook by a brother retired Marine infantry type, who admittedly believes himself the second smartest person when entering any room (my codebreaking skills say that's modesty for knowing he's the smartest person in whatever room), caught my eye. (Note: I think the same way. It's how Marines are trained. No Marine believes anything other than they are the best.) 

He wrote, "Trump is NO conservative."  And went on about the Republican nomination and so on and so forth in a couple of short paragraphs. 

Okay. He may be right. I don't know, for fact, what Mr. Trump is but what I do know I posted in reply...

"Barack Obama proved anybody can be president. And he proved it twice. It's not about liberal. It's not about conservative. It's about marketing, salesmanship, and closing the deal. It's a business. Trump is an expert. Period. And the American citizenry has an enormous sucker pool - that itches to waste their money and vote. Neither endorsement nor discounting of any candidate rather a dose of perspective. With election, the deal done with slim to no chance of buyer's remorse remedy. Stay informed. Vote responsibly. Some will do both."

What Mr. Trump is is a wildly successful businessman.

Mr. Trump markets - Mr. Trump. 

Mr. Trump sells - Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump closes deals - big deals - for Mr. Trump. 

Marketing with sales to date quite good. So good, even post debate, he's the frontrunner, by far, for the Republican nomination for the presidency.

As to selling, I am horrible at it. I admit it. When in college the thought of a business degree and a career in sales was more distasteful than a two day old opened beer and same vintage pizza. 

So I majored in behavioral psychology. And practiced behavioral psychology for 26+ years leading Marines. No civilian clinician can match my depth of experience. 

But I had friends that majored in business. Some went on to make a fortune in sales. I salute them. 

After a few years of active duty, I went back to school (night) and earned a masters - in business, believe it or not. And once heard a senior sales executive say, "Everything, and I mean everything, is marketing." That was 32 years ago. I can still hear his voice. 

Come to think of it a Marine captain sold me on the Marine Corps. I digress. 

Marketing + Sales = Closed Deal 

That, folks, is the equation for business. 

Within the Sales variable is a cohort, of indeterminate size, known as suckers. 

Otherwise, there would not have been Americans driving the Edsel, Pinto, and Pacer.

And that, folks, too, is the equation for politics.

Otherwise, Barack Obama would not have been elected president - twice.

As Mr. Trump opened, we do indeed need a great president. That is an absolute truth. 

And that is what Mr. Trump is selling - that Mr. Trump will be a great president and...

'Make America Great Again'

Love Mr. Trump or hate Mr. Trump he is working hard to close the deal. 

He's marketing.

Who's listening?

He's selling. 

Who's buying? 

We shall see. 

Post Script

It just so happens Mr. Trump is in my top three. And for a host of reasons. Don't know him and never met him but I like the guy for his candor and 'take no prisoners' persona. I especially like that he is not of the politician ilk. Nor are the other two of my three. Do the math. Next debate is little more than a month away. A lot can happen. Sales can climb. Sales can slump. And sales can dive and crash. Again, we shall see. 

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