06 August 2015


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 06 August 2015

"Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it." Mark Twain

The arena in Ohio was empty for the seven candidates who did not make the Top 10. 

But the enormous global television and online audience witnessed a massacre.

Mrs. Carly Fiorina not only shined she ruled the hour plus session.

She looked like a president. She carried herself like a president. And she spoke like a president -  with answers she was knowledgeable, precise, articulate, confident, and authoritative. 

It was not close. At all. She was the superior candidate. 

Candidates Graham; Jindal; and Pataki may as well fold their tent. They are done. Thank you gentlemen for your patriotism, service to country, and participation in the debate. 

Candidates Gilmore; Santorum; and Perry by staying in will only delay the inevitable - folding their tent. Likewise, thank you for your patriotism, service to country, and participation in the debate.

For the evening's Main Event - Top 10 candidates - the arena was packed and complemented with, surely, a bigger still television and online audience. 

So the two hour session was more energized and animated between candidates, candidates and moderators, and candidates and audience. 

Candidates Carson; Cruz; Huckabee; Rubio; Trump; and Walker, in distinctive ways, accounted well for themselves. 

Candidates Christie; Kasich; Paul; and Bush trailed the other six. 

Each of the 10 had a shining moment or two with a dose of humor and there's plenty to be said pro and con though not in this short take. 

None of the Top 10 set themselves atop the pack

Fact is Mrs. Fiorina was the most impressive candidate of the 17.

And to make room for her amongst the front runners, to start shaping a serious pool of candidates, a handful of the Top 10 need to fold their tent, too. They know who they are. But ego will get in the way. 

There are dreams. And then there is reality. 

Back to Mrs. Fiorina. 

Her popularity is exploding on social media. Not surprising. 

She is not a Marine.

But Marines on social media (and those in my online circles) are falling in line to support her. 


Because Marines, no nonsense beings of a rare breed, recognize leadership when they see it. And Mrs. Fiorina is a leader. 

In closing, considering what Mrs. Fiorina did to her 16 opponents, all friendlies, just imagine what she would do to our enemies.

With Twain's opening quote, Fiorina is credible and believable. 

Madam President?

Post Script

The three non-politicians - Dr. Carson, Mrs. Fiorina, and Mr. Trump - have injected a long overdue, refreshing tone into the race. Any of the three would be an effective president. But today Mrs. Fiorina proved herself a cut above.  

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Robert Barrow said...

To use a boxing phrase to describe the debate, "If it was a fight. They would've stopped it." They referee should've stopped it in the first round and declared the bout over.