01 July 2015


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 01 July 2015

"Many a bum show has been saved by the flag." George M. Cohan

Our Stars and Stripes welcome; permit; and tolerate.

To the world our Colors broadcast power and freedom and opportunity, and so people they pull.

And they are the only such colors, ever, in the history of mankind.

Presidential and Supreme Court decisions - especially recent ones polluted by agendas and politics are possible only under our Red, White, and Blue.

And yet those very Colors of our remarkable land are attacked - trampled; shredded; spit upon; and burned - by not only foreign enemies but domestic idiots and enemies, too.



That our White House was bathed in the rainbow flag colors is blasphemous. Offensive. Wrong. It was a bum show (to steal Mr. Cohan's thought).

The rainbow flag did not make the Supreme Court decision (homosexual marriage) possible. That distinction rests with our Stars and Stripes, and so bathed should the White House have been (if at all).

And, too, offensive a photograph mimicking the Iwo Jima flag raising - four shirtless (supposed homosexual) men grabbing the rainbow flag adorned pole; perhaps sickly subliminal. It was wrong.

The rainbow symbol is but a standard of some. And a small some at that. It does not represent all. And never will.

To trample; shred; spit upon; and burn that rainbow flag is not, however tempting, class. 

Strike it!

Case it!

That damn rainbow flag.

Alas, the Stars and Bars - not relevant here - is another conversation entirely.

The Stars and Stripes is our land's flag and the only flag that should be waved, proudly, in victory (and defeat); politics be damned.


Still it welcomes.

Still it permits.

Still it tolerates.

And still it pulls.

A new president we will sit, though not soon enough. And best they are one who embraces our Stars and Stripes, and all her complexities, with the vision of and for unity and 'forever may she wave.'

If not, enemies and idiots win - our Colors fade and freedom dies.

Over my dead body.

Post Script

Last evening at the United States Navy Memorial, downtown Washington, D.C., the United States Navy Band performed. To open the concert Sailors marched on - each carrying one of our 50 state flags and a four-man detail our Stars and Stripes. The band played our National Anthem (and closed with the service songs). A crowd of hundreds - all ages; races; creeds; and genders - was respectful. 

Those, like it or not, are our Nation's Colors. It is to them, and the U. S. Marine Corps Battle Colors, I ever serve; a Constitutional oath and the motto 'Semper Fidelis' mean something.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent posting; have a safe and peaceful holiday; success to the Marines.