13 June 2015


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 13 June 2015

"Our founders never intended us to have a professional political class. They believed that citizens and leaders needed to step forward. If you believe that it's time for citizens to stand up to the political class and say enough, then join us." Carly Fiorina

Tomorrow - 14 June - is Flag Day. 

We celebrate our colors - proudly - America. Fly them!

So, what better day to offer something as to our country's future.

A political animal I am not. Some think they know my politics. They do not. In short, I do not support politicians. I support common sense; morals; principles; ethics; trustworthiness; physical and mental strength; followership and leadership. Period. 

My bottom line question: Would I follow this person, anywhere? 

I've been reading, and watching and listening to Carly Fiorina.  

She has my attention. 

An occasional participant on Twitter, the other day I was moved to tweet: @CarlyFiorina Madam, you are an enormous breath of fresh air. Encouraging. Heartening. The (Re)public needs your leadership. Keep after it!

She has proven herself.

In the business world in a decade and a half she rose from secretary to CEO. That is an accomplishment! That is the road to success - the American way. 

Diagnosed with breast cancer, she fought through chemotherapy, bilateral mastectomy, and grueling physical therapy. That is an ordeal of which I'm intimately familiar. Ergo, she is tough - physically and mentally. 

No stranger to politics she succeeded in the corporate world. In the political arena she lost to California Senator Barbara Boxer. That loss in 2010 was California's loss. But there was success in the campaign - she learned and gained experience. 

In interviews she is confident and direct. She presents a strong and determined image. She is compelling and convincing. 

She is a native Texan.

Her mother is an artist - portraiture and abstract. To both I relate. And hope to one day meet Ms. Fiorina - to get a firsthand "snapshot" of her and a snapshot or two to paint an abstract portrait of her. 

Her positions on the "contentious" issues (e.g., climate change; foreign policy; immigration; economy; same sex marriage; and drug addiction) are logically sound - thoughtful and articulate. She is not spouting positions of nutty fringe groups nor is she vague and evasive for political expediency. 

She is polished. 

As to President, a while back I crafted an acronym laying out what a President should be. 

And so I analyzed Ms. Fiorina accordingly...

Patriot of the United States, first and foremost; 
Respectful of all Americans; 
Exemplary in word and deed, a gentleman (woman); 
Studious of history and current events (globally), engaged; 
Integrity beyond reproach; 
Diplomat of the highest order in performance not just title; 
Endearing, genuinely;
Negotiator for the best interest of country not personal agenda;

It's been suggested that acronym should be written into our Constitution. Though not a Constitutional scholar nor lawyer, perhaps it's an idea worthy of debate - as such a provision would afford all citizens a framework, in our founding document, from which to evaluate presidential candidates.

Nine core qualities. 

Ms. Fiorina qualifies - across the board. 

The Republican field of candidates is large, and growing. Each, too, stacks up well again the PRESIDENT acronym. Dr. Ben Carson, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio seem a cut above. But there is something especially appealing about Ms. Fiorina. She is the only woman interested in the presidency that is both personally and professionally qualified, and proven, to hold our country's high office. 

Indeed our founders never intended professional politicians. What a damn mess they've made. 


In closing...

To date, I've found nothing linking Ms. Fiorina to seedy business practices; crime; negligence of duty resulting in the murder of employees; incidents of knowingly and purposely lying to employees and the public in order to cover up personal incompetence and dereliction of duty; nor destruction of property subject to ongoing investigations. Another woman, flawed in every aspect of the PRESIDENT acronym but interested in the presidency, cannot make those claims - that are the most public amongst her many (other) detractors. Remember, one is known by company kept. 

Carly Fiorina, though not a Marine, exemplifies the traits and principles of a Marine. And that is appealing. 

Why not Carly Fiorina?!

Post Script

For perspective on Ms. Fiorina's breast cancer battle, an average guy's take on the life-changing ordeal: 

And, unlike our sitting president, she has sensible, strong foreign policy perspective: 

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