03 January 2014


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 03 January 2014

"When the solution is simple, God is answering." Albert Einstein

Some three years ago a friend - as close as a friend can be without technically being family but is considered family - of my sister's family was killed in a freak accident.

Bill, about a year from retiring as a career firefighter and paramedic, was riding his motorcycle (ironically, in support of firefighters) on a sparse highway when caught in a thunderstorm. While seeking shelter he was struck by lightning. He did not know what happened. Days later Bill died.

Less than a week after the funeral my nephew was out on their front lawn (they lived a block or two from Bill along the same street) when a yellow butterfly appeared and flitted about him. And seemed to make a point about flitting about him before moving along.

I forget the relevant particulars but my sister's family concluded it was a good sign, of Bill, from God.

Since that butterfly's first appearance it seems no matter where my sister's family travels a yellow butterfly appears and flits about them.

Comforted, Bill is watching over them.


I think not.

Long ago I quit believing in coincidence. Because with too much frequency odd inexplicable things, like that yellow butterfly, happened to me. They still do. And I know they happen to others, too.

An example...

Three years ago, shortly after her December 31st birthday, my mother-in-law died. Her death was not unexpected. Frankly, neglect of diet and exercise she lived long on borrowed time.

At the time of her death my wife and I were visiting a quiet spot away from home. Recently back to that spot my wife decided, on December 31st, to rent a bicycle.

At the counter in the shop my wife paid and the woman proprietor casually reached to the peg board for a key.

Taking the key my wife looked at the large black number stamped into the attached flat round tarnished brass disk.

And then she smiled. And paused a moment to catch her breath - to calm that butterfly moment of surprise, of heartfelt emotion.

The number?


(19)35 - year of my mother-in-law's birth. She'd have been 78 that day.


Possibly but improbably.

I don't see nor know how.

God winks, again.

Butterflies are simple. So are keys. Was God answering?

Einstein believed in God.

Keep the faith!

Post Script

Please say a prayer for 1361. Thank you!


Dottie Jean said...

Loved this one. Butterflies seem to be one of God's favorites. One of my favorite books is A Big Little Life by Dean Koonz. It's about his dog, Trixie, who, like Bill, made a fly-by as a beautiful and rare butterfly. I loved this book.

I look for signs. In fact, a remarkable woman and good friend who'd been so supportive of my writing and performing died day before yesterday in Palm Springs. She was mid-80's and suffering from COPD, in and out of the hospital. But selfishly, I wanted her to live to see my show in March. She'd helped me with her encouragement more than I could thank her for with words. I wanted her to be proud of me. A friend last night said, 'I bet you'll see a sign in March. A butterfly or something.' I hope so.

Again, I loved this one.

Anonymous said...

"Keep the faith"...yes sir.