06 December 2013


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 06 December 2013

"What Washington needs is adult supervision." Barack Obama

Even if offered in jest, President Obama's opening quote is wrong.

It's an excuse. Another one. On a long list.

Move the 's' one space left, drop 'upervision,' and leave the '.'.

What Washington needs is adults.

With vision.

That would be super.  

Whether with intent or through incompetence the Obama administration cannot get anything right. Nor straight. Devious? Inept? Both? Cause matters hardly, the consequences are the same.

America moans and groans. America ails.

Fittingly, the President's legacy, his two-term hallmark "achievement" (seriously, that's what they're calling it), is Obamacare.

It's a great big damn lie. And a mega mess. As such lies always make.

Subject to a layman's elemental diagnosis, Obamacare is a man-made disaster (his administration's lingo) causing workplace violence (his administration's lingo) of humongous proportions. It's unlike anything America has ever seen, will see again for generations to come, and it's getting worse. With much worse ahead. Soon.  

Flawed law aside, the administration has failed to field a functional gateway (website) for access to that which does not, is not, going to exist anyway. It makes for great irony, and comedy. But it's not funny. Just ask those millions and millions and millions sending letters to Santa who are receiving health insurance policy cancellation letters in return. It's maddening. It's scary. And it's sad for 'tis the season' of joy. There's not much to "Ho, Ho, Ho!" about. 

So where are the adults?

Not in The White House.

Not in the Cabinet.

Not in Congress.

Not in media.

Where are they?

Does anyone know?

Sunday afternoon past a friend handed me a copy of 'Things That Matter' - now in my 'completed reads' pile.

Charles Krauthammer, the author, is an adult.

Mulling over the sanity that oozes from his brilliant essays, he seems the American Solomon. 

Deducing character from reading, and listening to him on occasion, he'd assuredly and humbly distance himself from categorization as a king of any sort. And that's okay. Indeed rather admirable.

But he does know, as he makes reference to, something about the king - as it moves, space at a time, about a game board (eluding capture as in 'check mate'). He's a player!

Perhaps the game's demand for critical analysis of more than one move has contributed to his incisive way with all worldly things that matter. With his reasoned, tempered take (on the things that matter) proffered not for appeasing the partisan of any flavor but for the greater good of country, of planet.

I don't care about Mr. Obama. 

I do care about America.

So does Charles Krauthammer. 

And he cares about a great deal more. Important things - like chess and baseball and politics. Things that matter.

Washington does not need adult supervision. 

Washington needs adults - adults who lead, who supervise (those they lead).

That's the current void - lack of leadership and lack of supervision.

Is there anyone running for the Presidency in 2016 of Charles Krauthammer's intellect?

Frankly, those with their hats in (or sort of in) the ring are not much more than pawns on the political chess board. To make matters worse, they're average checker players and poor hitters of curve balls and change ups. Though some do fancy themselves knights and even kings. Some are queens. None are bishops. But all are angling for the castle. 

There's better.

Charles Krauthammer for President!

As King Solomon might have exclaimed after a sage order evoked truth, "Yeah, Baby!"

Post Script

Hope to meet Dr. Krauthammer some day. In The Oval Office would be nice. Recommend his book.


Tom H. said...

Can we imagine Charles K. and Dr. Ben Carson on a ticket? Their combined intellect and worldly experience are what we so desperately need to provide the adult competence and leadership in D.C.

Anonymous said...

The idea of Charles K and Dr Ben C running on the same ticket is indeed a great one. J D