25 September 2013


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 25 September 2013

"What we have to do, what at any rate it is our duty to do, is to revive the old art of lying." Oscar Wilde

Traveling the past week or so I've kept my eyes and ears and brain open.

I attended an admiral's retirement - 42 years of service.

At the reception another, pending promotion to admiral, asked if I had any advice. "Yes, I am tired of spectator flag officers. Forgiveness is easier than permission. Be bold. Make decisions. Lead! Otherwise, why bother wearing a star." He listened. But time will tell.

Visiting a small town in New Jersey I met an eight year-old girl who identified a painting by Monet (Claude), and was versed on other French Impressionists. I was impressed. We talked about van Gogh, too. For 30 minutes we spoke - ours one of the more engaging conversations about art I've had in some time. Rylee cared nothing about politics. Smart girl. Pink, not red nor blue, her favorite color.

More so than usual I've spent some time tuning in to sundry news outlets.

MSNBC should change to 'HRCFC'- Hillary Rodham Clinton Fan Club. Hillary for president. It's her turn. Gushing. Sappy. Sickening.  

Thinking more about Hillaryspeak - "What difference does it make at this point..." - during her Benghazi testimony regarding the murders of four Americans on September 11, 2012, it dawned on me what she really said.

Keep in mind Mzz Clinton knowingly and deliberately and repeatedly lied as to the reason for attack. The fact is al Qaeda's well-planned and executed assault she immediately discredited as a spontaneous riot sparked by an anti-Muslim video. And this wild tale she (and President Obama and Susan Rice et al.) boldly told to America and the faces of the families of the four murdered men.

Translating Hillaryspeak: "Look, I intend to be the next president. I don't give a damn about those people. I need a story that keeps my fingerprints off Benghazi until I can exit as Secretary of State and escape the spotlight. Figure out a lie. And let's get that lie out to the public and repeat it over and over again. It may take us a while but we'll keep at it until the public, with media help, no longer associates the name Clinton with Benghazi."

MSNBC, and others, are committed to the Hillaryspeak scheme. Shameless.

President Hillary Clinton?


Prisoner Hillary Clinton.


Mzz Clinton didn't revive the old art of lying - she's perfected it. Oscar Wilde is surely beaming. As is Bill.

At a 'Potbelly' deli in Maryland the other day a poster hanging high on the wall caught my eye so I took a picture (it fit with thoughts about Mzz Clinton).

What America next needs in the White House is true comedy.

A real Stooge sure can't hurt.

Hillary is no Curly


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