13 September 2013


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 13 September 2013

"Gilligan's Island is wherever you want it to be in your mind." Bob Denver

We're living Gilligan's Island.

Fast & Furious and the murder of a U. S. Border Patrol agent (Brian Terry) - phony scandal.

Four Americans (Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Ty Woods) murdered in Benghazi, Libya - phony scandal.

AP reporters snooped on and a FOX News reporter (James Rosen) targeted by our government - phony scandal.

IRS targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups - phony scandal.

NSA capturing email and phone calls of our citizenry - phony scandal.

"Phony scandal" - President Obama's description of the malfeasance and crime that surrounds him.

He's President but not responsible - for anything.

Despite the embarrassing political mess, bumbling incompetence, he, his advisers, and his statesmen made and continue to make with Syria (and Russia), President Obama has nothing to worry about.

Today, polls indicate the public is overwhelmingly against the U. S. military striking Syria. 

But what does the public know? Why do they care? - a little less than 99% opt not to serve in uniform. And not so many have any connection to our military whatsoever. So what's that opinion based upon? Who are these Americans being polled and where are they getting their news?

Nine out of ten Americans randomly approached in a Walmart parking lot, any parking lot or even on Wall Street (to be fair) for that matter, could not find Syria on a map.

Nor could they correctly spell Syria.

Ask them to name the President of Syria - are you kidding? Another spelling challenge, too.

What do they care?

Mr. Obama's problem is not that he's talking and talking too much but that he's talking in the wrong venues and about the wrong things. 

As is everyone on the President's team talking afoul.

Mr. Obama should not have addressed our nation Tuesday evening. That was a mistake. It was senseless.

What Mr. Obama will soon do is what he does best - hit the campaign trail, all 57 states if necessary, and teleprompt his Syria botch job into a winner.

Mr. Obama will do what he does best - fabricate.

With passion and rolled up shirt sleeves and faux accents and finger-pointing and with a "let me be perfectly clear" thrown in for good measure, he'll twist the Syria situation upside down and inside out and squirt Grey Poupon on it. Media will hawk his genius. To the informed minority Syria will be unrecognizable but their voice smothered.

He'll again point to his enemies, the mean Republicans and radical Tea Party'ers - those incapable of matching his mental magic - who are out to get him.

Melanin and epidermis hue will aid the defense.

The President will bring audience after audience to climax. He'll label Syria a "phony scandal" - humbly citing his superior intellect and skillful gamesmanship outwitting even the clever Russians. Only he capable of understanding what he was doing.

Competence and accountability will be ignored.    

Sure enough, and soon, public opinion will change - President Obama would not lie (to them - his faithful).

We've seen this plot before - in the episodes noted in the opening, and more. 

Boredom and yawns to come. Have you seen what Miley Cyrus is doing? By the way, what's trending on Twitter? Cool!

President Obama stars as Gilligan. But the Professor he'll sell himself - for as Bob Denver said, "Gilligan's Island is wherever you want it to be in your mind." And that applies to the cast.

America  - Gilligan's Island for another 3+ years tour.

More phony scandals amidst turmoil inevitable.

Russian cosmonauts landed on Gilligan's Island.

They played golf on Gilligan's Island.

Syria was not an issue for Gilligan. And soon Syria will not be an issue for the man playing Gilligan.

It's all in the script.

How perfect.

Post Script

Rounding out the cast - Thurston Howell, III (Joe Biden); Lovey Howell (John Kerry); Skipper (Chris Christie); Ginger and Mary Ann? Let's leave well enough alone.

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