15 August 2013


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 15 August 2013

"The American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they are not." Hillary Clinton

The title, it's not a typo.

First, a few words defined: 1) liar - n : a person who lies; 2) lie - n : an untrue statement made with intent to deceive; 3) pretend - vb : to lay claim.

Yes indeed, Mrs. Clinton, fellow Americans sure are tired of liars and those who pretend. How nice of you to notice and fortuitous that you spoke.

On the other hand, straight talk - truth - is never tiresome.

As the mandate for this forum is civility, of the gentlemanly sort, so it will ever remain. Though such does not exclude call for being blunt when necessary. That is, to sound screeching offensive alarms in attempt to awaken. 

So goes today's missive, straight talk - truth.

Presently and bewilderingly the exalted front runner for her party's nomination, Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016 is utter nonsense.



Not a year ago Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knowingly and repeatedly told a lie to America, to each of us.

Let that sink in.

Again, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, knowingly and repeatedly told a lie to America, to each of us.

She made an untrue statement with intent to deceive us, Americans, the people she was entrusted to serve. 

She lied about the motive for the attack on our diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, on the anniversary of 9/11. That attack, that raged eight hours or so, ended in injury(s) and deaths of four Americans - one our ambassador.

She outright lied as to why that attack happened.

And there is every reason to believe her hand heavy in crafting that lie.

Upon return of the remains, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied to the families of the four slain men. She lied to their faces. Then she stood behind a podium and repeated the lie.

She continued that lie to America and later to Congress.

Some four months later - after absurd delay and suspect injury and illness - under oath before Congress she had the gall to feign outrage. With defiant theatrics she asked what difference, at that point in time, did it make how and why our countrymen were killed.

Incredible! She shamelessly chastised Congress for questioning her competence and integrity.

Shame on milquetoast congressmen for not stopping her tantrum; squaring their collective jaw; staring her down; setting her straight; scolding her; pelting her with tough questions; and demanding forthright answers. Shame on them for not calling her a liar. It was their duty to nag her - to meltdown and to death, if necessary. Congress failed us - especially the dead and their families, miserably, again. Shame on them.

The deaths of those men matter. It absolutely makes a difference why they were murdered. It absolutely makes a difference why their desperate pleas for help were calculatedly ignored. And it absolutely makes a difference and matters why the grand lie. 

A presidential election was at stake. Less than two months away, the attack did not fit President Obama's narrative and catchy campaign ditty. The president had failed. A wannabe president had failed. So had sundry others failed. Hence the concoction hastily birthed - by a cast of clowns. But all clowning around and bull aside, they lied! They flat out lied. Still they lie.

What makes it all especially troublesome is the lie continued (and continues) long after the leader of Libya, soon after the attack, refuted the American story as a ridiculous fabrication. It was not a spontaneous riot sparked by an anti-Muslim video. It was a planned and coordinated attack carried out by heavily armed determined terrorists.

If for reason(s) of national security and the safety of individuals information must be withheld from the public then say nothing. To lie is unconscionable - such defies the Oath of Office. To continue to lie when it's a known lie is stupid and insulting. Maliciousness makes forgiveness difficult at best and sometimes impossible.

Hillary Clinton was, willfully, party to connivance. She lied. And anything other than the blunt truth saying she lied denies the forceful metaphorical punch to the face necessary to awaken America. 

Still to that bloody and deadly Benghazi scene she's not come clean.  

So she has a problem - the obvious two-part question...

1) Did she tell more lies as First Lady; Senator; and Secretary of State; 2) Would she have any compunction lying about anything now that she's seemingly skipped - frolicked - away lying about four murders?

Probably. Probably not.

Mrs. Clinton, as she so directly stated in the opening quote, is right - we Americans are tired (damn tired and fed up) of liars and people who pretend to be something they are not. 

She wants to be president. So, in closing, it's through the rigors of the acronym PRESIDENT Hillary Clinton goes...
Patriot of the United States, first and foremost;
Respectful of all Americans;
Exemplary in word and deed, a gentleman (woman);
Studious of history and current events (globally), engaged;
Integrity beyond reproach;
Diplomat of the highest order in performance not just title;
Endearing, genuinely;
Negotiator for the best interest of country not personal agenda;
Is she a liar and pretender?
Per Mrs. Clinton's behavior and speech, indeed she is.
Hillary Clinton president?
It's comedy.
And so goes that comedy in the joke of a bumper sticker: 'Monica Lewinsky's Ex-Boyfriend's Wife For President'  
There's a joy ride ahead with many a yippee and giggles abound - no lie. But that big fat Benghazi lie is the calf rope now loosely draped about Mrs. Clinton's shoulders. As the race tightens so will her opponents, inside and outside her party, tighten that rope around her drooping neck, wrap it around her ankles and a dangling arm, and cinch it tight. A helpless heap she'll be. And to her rescue? An Obama-faced clown - maybe from a rodeo.

Rodeo is dirty business. But politics is the dirtiest. She's done.

Precedent Hillary Clinton.

Post Script

Murdered 11 September 2012:

Christopher Stevens (U.S. Ambassador)
Sean Smith (U.S. Foreign Service)
Glen Doherty (U.S. Navy SEAL)
Tyrone Woods (U.S. Navy SEAL)  

And what about President Obama?

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