05 August 2013


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 05 August 2013

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." Thomas Jefferson

First thing this morning a news headline caught my eye.

In Salisbury, North Carolina - a small town less than an hour drive from Charlotte with longstanding and to this day with strong family ties that go back a couple of centuries - there's public argument as to the county Rowan Board of Commissioners opening meetings with a prayer.

Some citizens, assumingly with nothing better to do for their community's greater good, filed a lawsuit to stop the prayer. And recently a federal judge granted an injunction and ordered the prayer stopped while a lawsuit navigates the courts.

And, so, as to be expected, the pro prayer side is determined to carry on - somehow. And the minders of all other's business sure to keep an eye on things. What else is new.

There's a board meeting at 3:00 pm today.

As community government, leadership, is entrusted with fiscal responsibilities, a fitting solution to this stupid miff struck me. And, once a citizen of Salisbury and with plenty of kin there, I posted that idea in comment on the paper's online website below the article...

"The lead commissioner, whomever that is, should open the board meeting by pulling a 2$ dollar bill from his/her wallet; ask all to please rise; as respectfully and as solemnly as proper hold the bill up for all to see - first, Thomas Jefferson on the front (everyone get a good look) then show the reverse, gathering of men/Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence, 1776 (everyone get a good look); then heartily welcome all to the board meeting and deliberately read aloud the back of the bill: "The United States of America - Declaration of Independence, 1776 - IN GOD WE TRUST". And that is the American way - compliant with law and legally and tenderly defiant in spirit!"

Should some be offended by the "queerness" of the 2$ note then use a 1$; 5$; 10$; 20$; 50$; or 100$ - all picture noteworthy men on the front and our country's treasured history on the reverse; the bills American. The language, for reading aloud, is - with exception of the occasion or landmark - the same.


Faith is free. Religion is expensive.

Keep the faith! 

Post Script
Link to Salisbury Post article

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