15 January 2013


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 15 January 2013

"Anything simple always interests me."  David Hockney

It's been a few weeks since writing - the time spent painting and teaching painting. But teaching painting more from philosophy than method; thinking required with thoughtless copying taboo.

Thought sometimes leads to simplicity, and not just to painting.

I've paid little attention to more than headlines these past weeks and then only every few days or so. With less clutter there's clarity - there's simplicity, there's logic. 

As President Obama carries on with disregard for our Constitution and rule of law, why should our citizenry heed circumventing Executive Orders of any sort? 

That is, thinking required and thoughtless copying taboo. 

Impeach him.

Otherwise, civil disobedience it will be. 

It's simple. It's logical. 

And, having "painted" himself into a corner and one way or another, game over. 

Barack Obama - he's not a painter, he's not a philosopher. Nor a good president. And he would not have been Rodin's choice to model for 'The Thinker.' 

Now, back to painting. And thinking. And simplicity. 

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Unknown said...

Well Stated: we live in interesting times