14 December 2012


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 14 December 2012

"Atheism is a non-prophet organization." George Carlin

Whether on the streets, TV, Facebook, Twitter, whatever the venue, many an American is expressing anger, some more civilly than others, and asking, "What's happening to our country?"

Our culture and our psyche, our karma, that red, white, and blue moxie, whatever you want to call it is slipping away.

Only in geography, ground and maps, and title is America the "United States" - 1) But why? 2) And how? 3) And can it be fixed?

Perhaps a clipped explanation by slightly twisting an old axiom - 'Mind your Ps and Qs' - helpful.

1) But why?

Americans are not minding their Ps...

Pray v prey - more and more people prey, with government as their god, on other people (who pray). Lest we forget - "In God We Trust" - our national motto.

Pledge - ask 100 Americans, maybe half will be able to recite our Pledge of Allegiance (less if the 100 under age 25). Maybe a little more than half if asking 100 members of Congress. And how many wholely commit to their pledge, recited with hand over heart?

President - committed uniter required but purposeful divider is he. 

Pay your own way - living within means (budget - expenditures do not exceed income) is a foreign concept from household to White House. More and more people, including the president, expect others to pay their way (and for 'wants' not 'needs'). Ties back to preying and growing reliance on government as god. 

The neglected Ps make for a Q. 

Queer - an America that is losing her identity, that is strange, that is less recognizable to those who know their prayers; who recite and wholely commit to our Pledge of Allegiance; who yearn for a president of the people (vice at the people); and who through good decision-making, hard work, and perseverance have paved and paid their own way and live within means.

2) And how (has the way to queer happened)?

Decades ago psychologists quantified observations of manipulating behavior in a formula: SR+ (Stimulus Response Positive Reinforcement). 

That formula is the heart of behavior modification. B. F. Skinner's radical behaviorism most apropos. Salesmen, malcontents, miscreants, and government, to name only some, have leveraged those lessons to shape queer behavior (contrary to the Ps).

And their objective? Votes - the 'must have' to pursue agenda.  

3) And can it be fixed?

Yes. Of course.

But, as with any addiction, painful and ugly it will be for those who neglected their Ps. Delirium tremens, of sorts, inevitable. 

Those who have minded their Ps know withdrawal is necessary - the only way. Counselors and therapists label it 'tough love.' Commoners simply believe it fair. The American way - a matter of principle. And right v wrong not left.

So much for psychology. Even a good psychiatrist is of no value.

Ultimately, no man, but nature, is the referee. The fittest will survive. They always do. And unity - a state of things - results. Huh, united states. What do you know about that. Might there be correlation?  

As opened with that great philosopher and voice of sanity, George Carlin, so will end,

"In comic strips, the person on the left always speaks first."

That's right!

But the person on the right always has the last word.

That's right, too.

The comics are also known as the funnies. But there's nothing funny about what's happening in America these days. Any comedy, though laughable, is mostly tragedy and so flow the tears, and anger. 

Best mind our Ps - to mind our Q.

Post Script

Keep the faith!

Author's Endnote

As an aside, a good story. Divine intervention? The god of government could not make this happen.

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